Vancouver Snow Day

We don’t get many snow days in Vancouver, but when we do the city explodes with photos of the wonderful white stuff.

This morning while walking Junior at the park, I took the following photo before all the snow was washed away in the later rain that is expected.

Vancouver Snow Day

So if you can, get out there and take your photos now before the regular Vancouver rain starts and washes all the loveliness away. And by all means, take it easy out there as the sidewalks and roads are slippery.


The Secret World of Sharks and Rays Arrives at the Vancouver Aquarium

Starting February 7th to April 30th the Vancouver Aquarium will dive into a new feature highlighting The Secret World of the Sharks and Rays. You’ll be introduced to some sharks that live in the BC coast as well as be introduced to some not so famous shark cousins including the Spotted Ratfish.

The feature will share with you what makes sharks such great hunters, why are they so fast, what conservation efforts are in place and introduce you to rays at live in fresh waters.

“Whether you’re curious about their hunting strategies or the human activities that put these creatures at peril, or if you’d simply like to be awed by their magnificence, The Secret World of Sharks and Rays has something for everyone,” says Clint Wright, senior vice-president and general manager of the Vancouver Aquarium.

During your visit you will discover the following sharks and rays:

  • Blacktip reef sharks
  • Whitespotted bambooshark
  • Southern Stingray
  • Whiprays
  • Zebra shark
  • Ocellated freshwater stingrays
  • Tiger stingrays
  • Xingu River rays
  • Blue-spotted fantail rays
  • Epaulette sharks
  • Tasseled wobbegong (strange lace faced beard)
  • Pacific spiny dogfish
  • Spotted ratfish

If you are lucky enough, make sure you watch the feeding of the Black Tip Reef, Zebra sharks and Whiprays in the Tropical Zone. The speed of these amazing creatures as they fed was amazing to watch. Their aquarium came to life!

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The more I visit the Vancouver Aquarium, the more I’m amazed at the creatures who call our oceans their home. From jelly fishes, star fishes, whales, dolphins and coral the aquarium highlights them wonderfully.

Thank you to the Vancouver Aquarium for inviting us on a tour and Alex for being an amazing tour guide who shared his amazing knowledge of these fascinating creatures that are on display.

I Just Won Lady Gaga Tickets

I’m super excited today!

After reading a tweet from my Twitter stream from @SamsungMobileCA this morning, which asked you to retweet for a chance to win tickets to Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Ball in Vancouver.

Samsung Lady Gaga Tweet


Since I wanted to see her in concert again, and never did get any tickets, I thought what the hell. I had nothing to loose and only good things to gain.

I was super excited when I got a response from them on Twitter letting me know I had won tickets to her show on Saturday. I can hardly wait to see her again in Vancouver. She puts on an amazing show and this monster is excited.

Thanks Samsung Mobile!

Hello Vancouver – Eleven Years Later

Downtown Vancouver

It’s hard to believe, but eleven years ago today, I packed up my computer (2 huge boxes that included my monitor and desktop) and a large luggage full of clothes in Toronto and moved to Vancouver.

An experiment of sorts, I wanted to give Vancouver a try; I wanted and needed a change; and things were just working out perfectly for me that it offered me the chance to move here. With a job working for Essence du Papier at the newly renovated Eaton store downtown and a place to stay with Russ I made the huge plunge.

Though still in the same country and 4 1/2 hour plane ride between us, it was hard leaving family behind. As you see we are close family and are always in touch with each other.

I’ve made some amazing friends here in Vancouver and I have made a life that I’m very proud of. With the help of Russ who has supported me through these amazing eleven years I’ve never been happier.

So thank you Vancouver for being here for me and thank you for allowing me to explore you when I can. You are an amazing city and I’m loving my stay here!

Happy Halloween

While the kids today get to dress up and go tricker treating, the adults seemed to have jumped the gun and celebrated their Halloween over the weekend.

Though I personally didn’t get dressed up (I haven’t in YEARS and I think it requires far too much effort), Russ and I did want to go out and see the costumes that people where wearing. Since we live downtown, the best place to go costume watching was along Granville Street in the heart of the Entertainment District.

We were not disappointed. Since it wasn’t raining we were treated to many great costumes. From Pirates, to mommies, vampires, cowboys, men in dresses, women in not so much clothing, Pandas, Sheeps, Romans, nuns and video game characters. Everyone was having such a great time and enjoying all the costumes.

Have a great Halloween everyone! Ghouls and all!