Twitter Changes Their DM Rules

It looks like our little favourite bird, Twitter, has made some changes to their Direct Message (DM) rules. Normally you would have to be following someone for them to be able to send you a DM, but now Twitter allows you to open up to the world and receive DM’s from anyone on Twitter.

Twitter DM SettingsWhat does this mean for you? Well if you want to be able to receive a DM from anyone, go into your settings and just check off that lovely square, otherwise just make sure it’s unchecked.

I for one don’t mind a DM once in a while, but I really prefer someone sending me a public message to get my attention. I think this will also make sure that I’m not spammed by every bot out there.

So why is Twitter doing this? My first assumption is that they want to be able to sell a feature to Marketers to allow them to send and target DM’s for campaigns. This would be a great revenue generator for them. I can see it now, I’m tweeting away about a show or product and then automatically will receive a DM from a brand regarding it. I for one will making sure that is turned off, as it’s bad enough getting those @messages from spammers.


Is Twitter Engagement Lagging?

twitterThere used to be a time on Twitter a few years back when I could ask a question and instantly get feedback and responses. Lately, at least for me, my Twitter engagement has been lagging and harder to get responses from my followers.

I don’t know what has changed. I’m not sure if it’s the timing of my tweet on Twitter, or if it’s the fact that there are currently over 500 million users on Twitter and they are just being over inundated with so much information coming through that the tweet itself gets lost in the mass of data or if they are just not there when my tweet goes out.

I know for one that it’s hard to manage who I follow on Twitter and because of this I do miss some great opportunities to engages with them. I usually rely on a core group of people to keep me up-to-date with what is currently happening and trending.

Now over on Facebook, I’m starting to find that engagement is increasing. If I ask the same question over on Facebook I’m instantly engaged and responded to. Granted it could just be that it’s a smaller ratio of following happening on Facebook, but it’s interesting as I always thought I had more engagement on Twitter.

I’d be interested to hear how you are finding Twitter engagement lately? Do you feel brands themselves are also suffering from this information overload? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Five Years on Twitter

Today while I was on Twitter, I got notification that today marks my 5th anniversary on the micro blogging platform.

Twitter has changed drastically over those 5 years. I recall being there when we began the #hashtags to help us find a topic, as well as the @’ing someone so you can let them know you are conversing with them.

Twitter has become a regular part of my life. Through finding out what’s new and interesting around the world to sharing with my friends and followers what goes on in my day I’m a better person for it. It’s amazing how many connections the social platform has opened up for me. Even with all the online connections, it has allowed me to make some great off line friends in the process.

So to all that follow me @GusF I hope you enjoy my daily tweets and have grown to learn more about me and what I stand for and admire.


My 4th Twitterversary

Today I celebrate my 4th year of being on Twitter. I never considered myself an early adopter of Twitter as when I joined, Twitter was already about a year old. I have seen the system grow throughout those 4 years. I’ve seen the invention of the “@” reply, I’ve seen the invention of the hashtag “#”, I’ve seen the invention of a direct message “DM”, I’ve seen the invention of Twitter applications come onto the market – Hootsuite, TweetDeck, Peoplebrowsr and I was there during the first stages of the “fail whale”.

Most importantly I’ve had my social network grow as a result. I’ve gained so many great friends from this that I truly cherish. After all Social Media is about connections and what better way to make those connections then to find people of common interest, sharing the same beliefs, and sometimes different views, but always growing.

Thank you Twitter for bringing such a great people together, and for allowing us all to share our views and for allowing us to witness social change through out our wonderful world. It’s been an amazing 4 years.

Three Years on Twitter

Today is my 3rd anniversary of being on twitter.

I first started Tweeting on April 5, 2007 after attending a CPRS event where Darren Barefoot spoke about it.

Twitter has grown over those past 3 years. I remember seeing the community come together and really push Twitter’s boundaries. I remember the beginning of the @ replies, I remember the first use of  # hashtags, and I remember the wonderful fail whale. I saw the community unite strongly to common causes through Haiti relief, Twestival and many others. But last and not least I thank all the friends I have created from Twitter. You have been the warmest and accepting community out there!

Here’s to more happy years!