Puerto Vallarta Mexico Bound

In less than 48 hours from now this will be my new home for 2 weeks! Ahhh I can’t wait to be back in Puerto Vallarta and enjoying a well needed 2 weeks holiday in the sun.

Now this isn’t the firs time I’ve been there, this will be the 4th time. The first was with my family years back, way before it was such a popular destination. I’ll be going with Russ again and this will be our 2nd time there together. Hopefully we shall see some more properties and hopefully if luck prevails, purchase a home down there. Can you just imagine having this at your doorstep always?

I hope to blog while I’m down there, but don’t expect a “day to day” coverage like our trip to Paris. This will be mainly a relaxing holiday and I don’t intend to do alot while I’m there.

See you all soon from sunny Puerto Vallarta Mexico!!!