Heading off to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

IMG_2510 Ahhh Puerto Vallarta Mexico, a sunny place to get away from the harsh cloudy and rainy days of Vancouver. What used to be a yearly trip for both Russ and I during the month of January, I haven’t been to the lovely bay town since 2008. Russ on the other hand has been there quite frequently, sometimes visiting Puerto Vallarta twice a year.

This time we are heading to Puerto Vallarta a little later than normal for the both of us. With Russ having 3 weeks of holidays and I currently looking for a new career opportunity, it’s a perfect time to head down for a vacation before life gets busy again for both of us.

The kids are all booked up for their own vacations while we are away. Junior will be heading to the Rex Dog Spa as usual and Cyd is set to visit the aviary. It does get hard when one travels and have pets to look after. We don’t like to ask people to look after them as it does take commitment on their part and we don’t want it to be a burden. Sometimes I wish I had family here as they would be the ones to gladly look in on them.

I hoping to explore different areas of Puerto Vallarta this time around. I want to dig deeper into the area and find those hidden gems that most people wouldn’t know existed. Since Russ and I are not big beach people, I think we can accomplish this task easily.

We might take a side trip into Guadalajara for a few days. A 5 hour bus ride away will allow me to see the country side from a different angle as well as visit a city we stayed at last year for a week.

I’m looking forward to seeing those amazing sunsets and seeing what has changed in the 5 years that I haven’t been there. I’m also looking forward to spending my birthday in another city this time around.

Of course I’ll still be on the job hunt while I’m down there. One never knows what opportunities might arise from it.


Puerto Vallarta 2008 in Review

It has only been a few short days that Russ and I have returned back from Puerto Vallarta, which now seems to be our annual trip south.

Though this was a shorter visit for me then expected, I still managed to get to points around Puerto Vallarta I thought I wouldn’t get to. This time around Russ and myself ventured to the Gringo Gulch area of Puerto Vallarta famous for Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton’s home (Casa Kimberley and Casa Burton). This was the house that Richard Burton bought for Liz when he was filming “Night of the Iguana” back in ’63.
Now websites say that Casa Kimberley [link] is now a bed and breakfast, but alas this can’t be further from the truth. It is currently not occupied, falling apart, and no one lives there. I can say this because Russ and I actually paid a care-taker some money ($5) to get in and walk around. I have to say that the views were spectacular and was surprise to know that we could see the home from our balcony back at the condo.
The weather in Puerto Vallarta was definitely cooler than normal. I was surprised that at night time we had to actually bundle up and I had to wear a jacket.
This has been a strange month for them. Even the tourists weren’t as many as years past. With that said, the construction of new buildings and condos in the old section are huge. I do hope that they don’t build too much as the charm of the old section will be lost.
All and all a good trip and was able to connect with some old friends and meet some new ones as well. Hopefully we’ll see them all again next year. 🙂
You can find more pictures of the trip on my flickr [link] page
UPDATE: Looks like my blog was picked up on Tourist Network [link] and translated into German. I’m not sure if it’s a compliment or not.

From Arizona to Puerto Vallarta Mexico

After our sales training in Scottsdale AZ was over, my vacation officially started! 

I am now in Puerto Vallarta Mexico for 8 more days of sun and fun.  Although the first night I arrived I was surprised to see how cold it is here.  At night you really need a jacket to get around the city.  I was cold while having dinner last night at Joe’s Fish Shack on the patio.  The food there was awesome as usual (Mahi, Mahi was yummy, yummy).
Today of course was a beach day and I was surprised to see the beach fairly empty.  I recall last year if you didn’t make it to the beach by 12pm you didn’t get yourself a palapas.  Now you can still find a palapas all day long.  You also don’t see many Americans here now a days.  I’m wondering if the issues back in the US are resulting in less traffic down here.  Oh well maybe that is a good thing 🙂
Tonight we had dinner at the condo (roasted chicken) and just relaxing now getting ready to head out for the evening. I’ll make sure I bring my jacket just to make sure I don’t suffer like I did last night.
I’ll have a magarita for all my friends back home!!! 🙂

Post Vacation Blues

I know it has been sometime since I posted on here and there have been a few things going on in my life as well.

It has now been over 2 weeks that Russ and myself got back from our holiday in Puerto Vallarta. This was one of the most relaxing vacations I have ever had and was so relaxed the first week back at work as well.

Granted this did change a week after when reality starts to hit. Russ’ mom had a very mild stroke, but is recovering fantastically well. There was a day there were we thought she was going to lose it, but she bounced back and will probably be going home tomorrow. Yeah!!

In the meantime we’ve had Syd (Russ’ African Grey Parrot that lives with his mom) over our place. Think of a gifted 5 year old and you will understand this parrot. She has about 150 word vocabulary and is always asking for things. She will most likely head back to Russ’ mom’s place when she heads home.

So don’t anyone fret, I’m still doing fine and learning that vacations only last a short time, after that reality always comes back. Just enjoy them when you have them and remember, you always have more coming to you!

Puerto Vallarta Day 2

Well we are here in Puerto Vallarta and doing exactly what I said, RELAXING!!!

The Condo is very nice, though there really isn’t a view of anything. If you want a view you have to get up on a chair and look over. Don’t mind the house right there, but look beyond and you have a view of the bay. The beach is only a short walk and we are within walking distance to all the shops and bars.

Definitely the city is changing, there is so much new construction, restoration happening now. The main boardwalk (the Melcon) is coming along wonderfully. I remember how it used to be the first time I was here (over 20 years ago) and to what it is now is amazing, boy just from a year ago is amazing. There are a few new sculptures up and it’s always nice to see everyone walking around mid afternoon. The locals on the weekends just love coming down to the beach and hanging out.

I’ve started uploading a few of the pictures on Flickr, so please go and check them out.

I don’t plan on blogging too much as I don’t think we’ll be doing alot, but you never know if I find something worth blogging about and mentioning, I’ll definitely have a post.