Prague – Day 3

I didn’t sleep well last night. My throat was swollen and I was completely stuffed up causing me to toss and turn. I was getting worried that I was getting a cold or this was a very strong allergic reaction to something. Taking an Aerius seemed to have calmed the symptoms down, but I was still groggy for most of the day.

We started with a walk to the St. Charles Bridge, the original bridge into Prague, which allowed me to take some great shots from this vantage point. As this is a main tourist area, it was filled with people walking up and down the bridge.

Prague Day 3 10 Prague Day 3 9 Prague Day 3 3

We later booked a tour of the Old Town Municipal House which showcases some of the best Art Deco and Art Nuevo examples I’ve ever seen. Built in 1911. Municipal House gained fame on the 28th October 1918 when the historic proclamation of the independent state of Czechoslovakia took place here. The interior houses many ball rooms and concert hall areas which are still used today. As usual with some of the tours, a photo permit is required if you want to take photos costing 55Kc (approximately $3 CDN).

Prague Day 3 32 Prague Day 3 22 Prague Day 3 27 Prague Day 3 39 Prague Day 3 33

Our day ended with an authentic dinner and folk dance in a restaurant outside of the city. We were treated to a 3 course meal that included all the beer, wine or soft drink you wanted. The dancing was fun and it was great to see the group and other tours come in a join the fun.

Prague Day 3 52 Prague Day 3 63

A great evening was had by all and our return trip back into the city our bus turned into music central with the driver playing some great tunes that got everyone swinging their hands in the air.

We will miss you Prague. You were a great city to visit with tons of culture.

Tomorrow we head our way to Dresden for a couple days to enjoy what they have to offer.

Prague – Day 2

Today was a busy day. We woke up early to enjoy the buffet breakfast at the hotel and then got ready for our city tour.

Our first stop was the Prague Castle. The castle is the largest castle spanning a total area of 74,100 square metres. The castle itself has many representations of architecture from Baroque, Gothic, Renaissance, and Romanesque. Most of the castle is open to the public with a few areas where a ticket is required. We were lucky to have our tour include some of these areas from the famous St. Vitus Cathedral, Gold Lane, Presidential Palace, and Vladislav Hall. Be warned that some areas require you to purchase a separate liscence to be able to take photos costing about $50Kc (approximately $3 CDN).

Prague Day 2 19 Prague Day 2 13 Prague Day 2 29 Prague Day 2 75 Prague Day 2 90 Prague Day 2 46 Prague Day 2 62Prague Day 2 54

There are some great vantage points around the castle grounds that let you see into Prague, so this is a must see.

Prague Day 2 76

Our tour continued down into the old town where we walked around the old Jewish area, which houses the oldest synagogue in Europe. It was interesting to hear from our tour guide that even though there are many churches and a few synagogues throughout Prague, only a fraction of the 1.1 million people here actually practice their faith.

Our tour ended with a walk to Old Town Square which is filled with many great restaurants, cafes, hotels and the famous Church of our Lady before Tyn, St. Nicolas Church, Old Town Hall Tower, and the Astronomical Clock.

Prague Day 2 138 Prague Day 2 125

Russ and I later came back to the square where we took the elevator up the Old Town Hall Tower to get some great shots of the city during sunset. Alas I missed a great opportunity with the lighting, but still an amazing journey up the tower for 100Kc (approximately $6 CDN).

Prague Day 2 151 Prague Day 2 160

All in all a very fun filled day. Tomorrow is a free a day for us, so not sure what we will get up to. Maybe visit the St. Charles Bridge or walk around a bit more and explore.

Prague – Day 1

Prague Day 1 6

So after a 24 hour delay in Montreal, we finally arrived in the Czech Republic at the wonderful city of Prague. Luckily we emailed our tour ahead of time and had them send a car to meet us at the airport, which made the trip into the city much easier.

After checking into our hotel – The Grand Majestic Plaza, we met up with other people on the tour over cocktails before heading out to dinner. Russ and I both thought we were the last to arrive, but looks like there are two other people that got held up and hopefully will be joining us on the next day before the grand city tour begins.

We headed out for our welcome dinner at the Hanau Pavilion which had a great vista view of the city. The Pavilion is was built in 1891 b for the Czech Jubilee Exposition. As our tour is a Baroque tour, this was a perfect setting to meet others on the tour as well as get familiar with our new home.

Prague Day 1 5

After dinner we headed out on a short walking tour to the St. Charles Bridge where I tried to take some night time shots.

Prague Day 1 56

Prague Day 1 38

Prague Day 1 52

We ended the evening with an excurtion to a local bar before heading back to our hotel for a much needed sleep.

Day 2 will bring a day tour of the city with a first stop at the castle.  Stay tuned for more, but you can see all the Prague photos on my Flickr set.

European Baroque Tour

thousand bells, Prague
photo by: benjetpascal01 (Flickr)

In just 3 weeks time, both Russ and I will be on another trip. This time we decided on a different route and signed up for a tour in Europe. This isn’t a typical tour that most would find and is more of a specialized tour called the “Go for Baroque!” tour because of the many 16th century to early 18th century architecture we will be seeing.

The tour will begin 3 weeks from now and cover three magnificent cities –  Prague, Czech Republic (3 days); Dresden, Germany (the Free State of Saxony)(2 days); and finally ending in Berlin, Germany(4 days). Russ and I have extended our visit with an extra day in Prague, before the tour, and 2 days after in Berlin.

As I’ve never been to this part of Europe before, I’m very excited to see what it has to offer. I’m also scared about it as well. This will be the first time in my many trips that I haven’t spoken the native language at my destination. Yes I do understand that English will be wildly spoken, but it is still hard.

As the trip begins in Prague and ends in Berlin, we had to decide if we wanted to book our flights arriving in Prague and leaving in Berlin, or book our arrival and departure from the same city. After much searching we decided to book our arrival and departure from Berlin, which means we had to book transportation from Berlin to Prague. We opted for a nice train ride through the country and since the train is accessible from the Berlin airport, our decision was easy.

As usual I’ll be document our journey via this blog as well as posting photos on my Flickr page.

This will probably be the last big trip for us for the next foreseeable future. I do have one dream vacation that I want to do in the next 5 years and that will require saving up for.