New Starts in 2017

Well the new year is finally upon us.

Some are so happy to say goodbye to 2016 for many reasons while others had a fantastic 2016 with lots of life changes. I, for one, have some mixed feelings about 2016. I’ve had several changes happen in 2016. I sold my condo in Vancouver to move to Toronto to be closer to my family and I’ve left a great job to do so knowing that I would find something new here.

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Happy 2013!

2012 was a year full of change and adjustments. My niece moved from Toronto to live with us as she studied to become a Certified Make-up Artist. I got to get reacquainted with her and see her as a young adult, while learning to live in a small one bedroom place with 2 other people. I also got a new position at work as the Internal Brand Ambassador of Marketwire. A new role that I’m enjoying everyday, even though it has its challenges since it’s a new role within the company.

And now a new year begins!

Normally people would be making new years resolutions and trying hard to keep up with them, but let’s face it over 92% of us will fail at keeping up with those resolutions. Though in theory they are made to help improve us!

I haven’t “officially” made any new years resolutions, I do have some goals I want to accomplish this year. I intend to keep them to myself at this time, but the goals I have are to improve me in my every day life and will be for the better. Baby steps is how I’m approaching them and I have some timelines for each goal I’ve set up.

So here is hoping that 2013 is a great year. I’m looking forward to the changes and challenges it will bring while at the same time continuing to help me grow as a person.



Happy New Years – 2011

Finally it’s here! Hello 2011, I couldn’t be happier to see you and shut the door on 2010. Don’t get me wrong, 2010 was great and all, but your ending sucked a little. I was thinking of writing a “year in review” post, but thought against it. I’m not one to focus too much on the past, but embrace more the possibilities of what is in store. So with that I embrace the new year fully!

Normally I wouldn’t be making resolutions as most of them fail within in the first month, but this time around I feel that I have to create that plan for myself. I’ve needed to take control of my life and I needed to make sure I was doing everything that I needed to do. I started this already and only hoping to continue the great strives I have achieved so far. This will be accomplished with the great help of my friends and family as well as colleagues.

There will hopefully be some changes on my blog as well. I want to start writing more and maybe even offer advice on what I’ve learned through working with great people. I’m hoping to be able to write more reviews this coming year as well as travel more.

With our Buenos Aires trip just a week away, I’m excited to learn more about my heritage and explore my birth country just a little bit more.

I hoping to be able to develop my photography skills further. I’ve enjoyed what I have learned so far, but I still have a tons more to learn. There are great photographers out there and I’m happy to say I know a few of them in this city. There are also some great groups that I am apart of and I hope to continue to use them as resources.

I’m also hoping to take my career to the next level. I’m excited about the possibilities. I have a few ideas I want to try out, but will have to make sure I have a great plan and execute it correctly – more to come I’m sure.

Hoping everyone has a wonderful New Years, and hello 2011!!!!

Goodbye 2009

Today is not just the last day of the year, but it’s also the last day of the decade (remember Y2K?).

This year started off great. I got to travel to Argentina after 15 years and got to introduce Russ to my family and my roots. Reconnecting with family and seeing Buenos Aires as an adult and on my own for the first time was truly the highlight of my year! I got to attend my very first Northern Voice and BarCamp as well as help Raul with the very first ever Mental Health Camp this year. I began to explore photography more by purchasing a Canon Rebel T1i and attending more photowalks. I continued with my Olympic Volunteering dreams by auditioning for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies (alas they didn’t think my hip-hop dancing was good enough for the ceremonies). I got to participate in more media events thanks to my blog including, Chill on the Hill, meet some of the Paralympics athletes and some of the Canadian snowboarder team. I got to attend more theatre events this year including Les Miserable and The Evil Dead – The Musical. I became one of the Vancouver Opera’s live bloggers for their 50th anniversary year which allowed me to attend Norma and meet the cast backstage.

This year is not without heartache either, but overall this year wasn’t too bad.

I am looking forward to 2010, with the Olympics just around the corner and I’m hoping to grow more professionally as well as grow my photography through more photowalks and maybe invest in more equipment.

Hopefully you will be spending your last day with friends and family. So here’s to you 2009! Thanks for stopping by!

Hello 2009!

Now that we are in the full swing of 2009 I thought it was time I wrote my first blog post of the year.  I know I have been lacking in content, but as this is a personal blog my life has been fairly quiet these past few days.

Russ is currently enjoying sometime in Puerto Vallarta before he arrives and we head off to our next trip – Buenos Aires. I’m actually getting excited about this trip and I hope I will be able to experience Buenos Aires in a whole new light, while still enjoying time with my relatives down there.

Junior celebrated his 2nd birthday. Yes it was a small occassion here at home. Now that I’m reflecting on it, I feel bad we didn’t have a cake for him or do something special.

I’ve began a new shift at work, which makes me wake up earlier than I am used to. I usually wake up and relax in the morning, but with this new schedule, I’m pretty much up and showered and ready to go.

I’ve been spending time with some great friends lately and I’m happy they are in my life.

I think this is a great start to the year. Hoping everyone has had a great start to it as well and hope this momentum continues!