The Day After Halloween

Happy Halloween

Well it’s done for another year, Halloween has come and gone.

I hope everyone had an awesome few days while you celebrated as an adult and celebrated with your little ones. I saw some great costumes this year and it was great seeing parents also dressed up as they took their kids out around Yaletown last night.

Though my plan to become a human size Yoda never turned out, I was happy to just be at home snuggled on the couch while enjoying some awesome sweet potato soup that Russ made. I always say I’ll get dressed up for Halloween, but never do. Oh well there is always next year 🙂

There is one thing I’ll never get about Halloween here in Vancouver. It’s the only time when you can buy fireworks in this city. That’s right, you can’t buy any fireworks during Victoria Day or Canada day here. I don’t see where the logic of having fireworks when it’s fall and there are tons of dry leaves around, granted this year it rained and most of the leaves are a pile of wet mush. I still don’t get it.

Even this morning at 6am someone was letting some fireworks go. Really 6am?!

So how did you spend your Halloween weekend and day? Did you dress up? Did you give out treats to kids?

Happy Halloween

While the kids today get to dress up and go tricker treating, the adults seemed to have jumped the gun and celebrated their Halloween over the weekend.

Though I personally didn’t get dressed up (I haven’t in YEARS and I think it requires far too much effort), Russ and I did want to go out and see the costumes that people where wearing. Since we live downtown, the best place to go costume watching was along Granville Street in the heart of the Entertainment District.

We were not disappointed. Since it wasn’t raining we were treated to many great costumes. From Pirates, to mommies, vampires, cowboys, men in dresses, women in not so much clothing, Pandas, Sheeps, Romans, nuns and video game characters. Everyone was having such a great time and enjoying all the costumes.

Have a great Halloween everyone! Ghouls and all!

Parade of Lost Souls 2010 – Secret Souls Walk

This October 30th Public Dreams Society partners up with Dusty Flowerpot Cabaret to bring Parade of Lost: Secret Souls Walk back to it’s roots. This event will be different than the usual Parade of Lost Souls that saw Commercial Drive closed off to a sea of ghouls, goblins, spirits and souls.

This year you are invited to meet up at Britannia Community Centre between 5 – 9pm where your walk will begin. From there you will be taken on a secret walk that will take you through back alleys and the surrounding neighbourhood. Residences are asked to decorate their homes to help create the backdrop and ask you to come in custom to help tell the story. You can sign up on their Facebook Page to get some inside tips.

During the next couple of weeks, Public Dream Society will be offering creative workshops in shrine building, zombie dancing, shadow puppetry, mask making, group choreography and vocal jamming to help you prepare for the event.

Looks like this will be a great fun event that the family can all participate in.

The organizers would like you to note that this year Commercial Drive will not be closed and there will not be a fireworks display as in previous years.

Happy Halloween!


I just wanted to wish all the ghouls, goblins and witches out there a very Happy Halloween today!

I myself am not sure what I’ll be doing this evening to celebrate. I know I’m far too old to go tricker treating, though I do remember going out with my sister Maria when we were younger.  We used to get dressed up, take our pillow case, yes a pillow case, and go around our street collecting goodies. If we were adventurous enough, and sometimes we were, we would go back home and change into another costume and go around the block again hitting all the houses that gave great candies.  Sneaky I know! 🙂

What are you doing for Halloween? Being that it falls on a Friday are you going out? Are you staying home to watch scary movies? Or are you just going to treat as if it was another normal day?

At any rate have a safe and enjoyable night!!

Parade of Lost Souls

So Russ and myself attended the Parade of Lost Souls on Commercial Drive this past weekend. It was amazing to see all the people dressed up for Halloween, especially the older croud.

The Parade of the Lost Souls I found out is a neighbourhood’s annual celebration to honour the dearly departed, wake the living and overcome fears. there is a colourful torch-lit procession that made its way through neighbourhood streets and alleys. Held at Grandview Park, the evening’s grand finale featured performances of fire dancing and fireworks.

We definately plan to go next year and this time I will bring my camera, as you can only do so much with a cell phone camera.