Dresden – Day 1

Dresden Day 1 58

We are now in Dresden which is the capital of the Free State of Saxony in Germany. This city was bombed heavily during World War II and most of the city was destroyed. It wasn’t until fairly recently that this city has begun a full reconstruction and major historical buildings are being rebuilt in the same style (baroque and rococo) and craftsmanship as it was before their destruction

Upon arrival into our hotel, the amazing QF Hotel, located in the centre square of the Old Town, we headed on a quick private tour beginning at the restored Opera House. Our 1 hour long tour took us to several halls and meetings area which were magnificently reconstructed to their original style. Although there weren’t a lot of photos pre World War II, most of the citizens from Dresden were interviewed and shared their memories which gave the architects a way of reconstructing the Opera House. Alas we were not allowed backstage, which is larger than the actual seating area I was thoroughly impressed with the structure and acoustics.

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We continued for a quick tour around the old town to get ourselves familiar with the town. It was obvious that their tram system is amazing with a tram running in all directions from the old town.

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We later celebrated a birthday of one of the fellow tour attendees at an amazing German restaurant – Sophienkeller. We even sat in their merry go round table which had swings and actually rotated around. We had several people take photos of the tour group, alas I don’t have any (which might be a good thing 🙂 )

European Baroque Tour

thousand bells, Prague
photo by: benjetpascal01 (Flickr)

In just 3 weeks time, both Russ and I will be on another trip. This time we decided on a different route and signed up for a tour in Europe. This isn’t a typical tour that most would find and is more of a specialized tour called the “Go for Baroque!” tour because of the many 16th century to early 18th century architecture we will be seeing.

The tour will begin 3 weeks from now and cover three magnificent cities –  Prague, Czech Republic (3 days); Dresden, Germany (the Free State of Saxony)(2 days); and finally ending in Berlin, Germany(4 days). Russ and I have extended our visit with an extra day in Prague, before the tour, and 2 days after in Berlin.

As I’ve never been to this part of Europe before, I’m very excited to see what it has to offer. I’m also scared about it as well. This will be the first time in my many trips that I haven’t spoken the native language at my destination. Yes I do understand that English will be wildly spoken, but it is still hard.

As the trip begins in Prague and ends in Berlin, we had to decide if we wanted to book our flights arriving in Prague and leaving in Berlin, or book our arrival and departure from the same city. After much searching we decided to book our arrival and departure from Berlin, which means we had to book transportation from Berlin to Prague. We opted for a nice train ride through the country and since the train is accessible from the Berlin airport, our decision was easy.

As usual I’ll be document our journey via this blog as well as posting photos on my Flickr page.

This will probably be the last big trip for us for the next foreseeable future. I do have one dream vacation that I want to do in the next 5 years and that will require saving up for.