Is Twitter Engagement Lagging?

twitterThere used to be a time on Twitter a few years back when I could ask a question and instantly get feedback and responses. Lately, at least for me, my Twitter engagement has been lagging and harder to get responses from my followers.

I don’t know what has changed. I’m not sure if it’s the timing of my tweet on Twitter, or if it’s the fact that there are currently over 500 million users on Twitter and they are just being¬†over inundated¬†with so much information coming through that the tweet itself gets lost in the mass of data or if they are just not there when my tweet goes out.

I know for one that it’s hard to manage who I follow on Twitter and because of this I do miss some great opportunities to engages with them. I usually rely on a core group of people to keep me up-to-date with what is currently happening and trending.

Now over on Facebook, I’m starting to find that engagement is increasing. If I ask the same question over on Facebook I’m instantly engaged and responded to. Granted it could just be that it’s a smaller ratio of following happening on Facebook, but it’s interesting as I always thought I had more engagement on Twitter.

I’d be interested to hear how you are finding Twitter engagement lately? Do you feel brands themselves are also suffering from this information overload? I’d love to hear your thoughts.