Tomorrow's the Day

Tomorrow is the day I embark on my 2 week vacation to Buenos Aires Argentina. Yet I am at home nursing a cold that will no doubt be a burden when I fly tomorrow.

This has been a trip I’ve been wanting for sometime as I just haven’t been able to go before. It will be wonderful to see my family again and to explore the many offerings the capital city has to offer.

The last time I had gone was about 10 years ago during the Easter holiday. I had planned to visit all my relatives, but during that time my grandmother fell and broke her hip bone.  It was hard to see and deal with during that time, as she never really recovered and saddly passed away a few months after that.

This time around I hope to visit the family members I didn’t get a chance to visit the last time. I had hoped to have gotten together with my Uncle Tito, but saddly he passed away last year.

It will be a somber trip, but I know I wll have some fun, after all Russ is joining me on this trip. It is Russ’ first time to South America and he is looking forward to exploring the Paris of South America.

I hope to blog during my visit and let everyone know about several of the wonderful neighbourhoods.

Summer here I come!!