New Christmas Ad by Apple

I posted this earlier on my Facebook profile, but I thought I would talk about it here as well.

Yesterday, while watching television, I was captivated by this small ad. At first I didn’t know who it was for, but the story grabbed me. A teenage boy, looking semi lost and deep into his phone, while life around him was playing out during Christmas. There were some similarity with that boy and I was captivated by the rest of the commercial.

While the rest of the family thinks he isn’t paying attention to them, little do they know as he surprises them all on Christmas day.

I’ll be perfectly honest, I’m a sucker for these types of commercials – remember the Tim Horton Christmas ads? But this year with the death of my mother, a part of me wanted to be home for the holidays and relive those fond memories of our family gathering on Christmas Eve and being together. Alas this year our family is spread out across the world.

Though I’ve always realized this, but somehow forgotten, we all grow and move in different directions and this time of year is a celebration of family. Even though I can’t be there with my family to celebrate, they forever will be deep in my heart.

Merry Christmas and thank you Apple for making me feel so loved!

Apple iPad 2 Launch in Canada

Well the day has finally arrived for us in Canada. The iPad 2 is being launched today at 5pm with some fan fare, and by fan I do mean fan. Already this morning walking to work the line up outside the Apple Store downtown was over 60 people. Some have been in line since midnight hoping to be one of the first few people to get their hands on it.

The iPad 2 was already launched on March 11th in the US with most stores selling out and demand for the new toy being fierce. Some have given up walking into a retail store to get their iPad and have resorted to just ordering it online from the Apple website.

I was debating whether I would line up today. Of course I had to work and thought that after work I would just see how the line up was and decide there. Last night after Twestival, I realized that I had a chiropractor appointment at 4:30pm and couldn’t wait in line for the device. So at 1am this morning, when the online Apple store opened up, I ordered myself the 64Gb White iPad, with the green smart cover and camera kit.

So in about 4 weeks time I should have one delivered directly to my door without the worry of waiting in line and possibly being disappointed that they run out before I get to the front. I’ll probably be jealous of all those that will get one, or currently have one from their trips to the US, but I think I made the right decision. I’ve waited for over a year as it is to get one and after playing with Russ’ iPad for the past few months I know it will be a welcome addition to my growing gadgets.

The iPad Envy

Yes it’s true, I’m officially envious of everyone with an iPad. There I said it!

Russ recently got himself an iPad, which to be perfectly honest was what I was thinking of getting him for Christmas – but don’t tell him that. And though at first I wasn’t 100% sold on it, it has grown on me with every use. I’m surprised how easy it is to work with and all the amazing Apps that the App store offers. I’ve been trying so hard not to take over Russ’ iPad even though Russ keeps telling me that I can add items to it.

At first Russ wasn’t so sold on the iPad. He was starting to find it limiting to what he wanted to do, he wanted to surf like he did with his netbook. After realizing that the Apps truly make the iPad, he was happier. There are still a few things Russ is getting used to with it and as am I.

I’m really trying very hard to restrain myself from going out there and actually purchasing one for myself. I’m going to try very hard to wait until the next version is released hopefully next year sometime.

iPhone 4 Launch and First Impressions

About a week ago, the day after the iPhone 4 was launched in Canada, I decided to line up outside the Apple Store to see if I could get my hands on the coveted smart phone. I got to the store at about 8:45am and there was already a line up of about 50 people and I thought I would stake my claim in line. Of course by this time I had already tweeted that I was in line and Lesley Chang came by to join me in line and get her own iPhone 4.

@lesleychang and I waiting for our iPhone 4's

The Apple Store staff were amazing as we waited in line. They came by and offered us all drinks and some food to eat prior to the store opening. When the store finally opened they came by everyone in line to see if we wanted the 16 gb or the 32 gb version of the iPhone 4. When we asked the staff member if this meant they had iPhones in stock, they said it meant we were guaranteed one.

Of course the night before, on launch day, they couldn’t activate everyone’s phone that were in line, so they were given a card to use on the Saturday and were given priority access. Also if you were in line wanting to get yourself the unlocked version of the iPhone 4, you were allowed to skip the line and go directly into the store. That said after 4 hours of waiting, I finally got in and got my iPhone 4. Since I wasn’t changing anything on my plan, the process was quick and within 1/2 hour I was out the door the lovely phone.

First Impressions

I’ve only been playing with my iPhone for about a week now and only have the iPhone 3G to compare it to. With that said the difference is amazing.

The phone feels slightly heavier even though it is thinner than the iPhone 3G and 3GS. I’m not sure if it’s just because it’s flatter than its predecessors, or if it’s because of the new aluminosilicate glass. This also makes the phone feel so much slicker in my opinion.

The picture quality is outstanding. Everything is much crisper and brighter thanks due to the Retina Display. Websites are displayed amazingly.

The 5 megapixel camera with flash finally brings the iPhone up to standard. There is no longer a need for a point and shoot camera. The quality is great and the LED flash allows you to take photos in low light.

Flowers Beautiful Life

The front facing camera is also nice and even though I haven’t tried out the Face-to-Face feature, I have taken photos with the front camera. The quality isn’t anything great as it’s not 5 megapixel quality.

Having the ability to take 720 dpi video is also great. The only problem I’ve found with the video is that when you upload to YouTube directly from the iPhone, the HD quality is lost. Hopefully they will be able to fix this soon. In the interim I’ve been using the Flickr App as it allows you to upload the HD quality of the video.

The battery is also amazing. I can go 2 days without recharging my phone. I wouldn’t last 24 hours on my iPhone 3G recently and this is a welcome change to say the least.

As for Antennagate, I haven’t experienced any drop calls nor experienced loosing bars while holding the phone.

The only problem that I have experienced so far is during a speakerphone call. People seem to have a problem hearing me and I have to really put the mic very close to my mouth which I think defeats the purpose of the speakerphone. Granted I haven’t tried Face-to-Face yet to see if this is also a problem. Hopefully I can test that theory out soon with someone.

Hello New MacBook Pro

After months of rumors and months of me needing a new computer, Apple finally announced this past Tuesday the launch of their new MacBook Pro line up with the Intel core i5 and i7 chips.

It's shiny and New As of yesterday afternoon, I’m now the official owner of the new MacBook Pro 15.4″ Intel core i7 computer. YEAH! I have been waiting since November for a new computer. As much as I loved my previous MacBook Pro, it just wasn’t functioning at the speed I needed to handle my new found interest in photo editing. My hard disk space wasn’t sufficient, my RAM power wasn’t sufficient and my battery wasn’t what it used to be. That said I still was able to do everything else that I needed to do and the computer never “really” failed me before.

I had first went to Simply Computing, where I purchased my initial MacBook Pro 4 years ago, and was hoping to be able to pick up my computer on a payment plan as before. I went through all the paper work, got approved for a new Simply Computing card, and walked away from the store with the hopes of a new computer coming in the next few days for me to pick up. Alas the next morning I was called by the store to tell me that unfortunately their rules for payment plan had changed and they could only allow a payment plan for 12 months on a maximum of $2,000. Now the computer itself is over $2200 before taxes and I couldn’t come up with the difference (including Applecare). So I had to sadly cancel the order.

Russ, knowing how much I had wanted a new computer, took it upon himself to visit Future Shop and inquire about payment plan. He took out a card on the spot was told that he could place the computer on a payment plan with no problem, and get this, even with a cheaper administration fee than Simply Computing was offering. I had told him to go ahead and order the computer on Wednesday. On Thursday afternoon Future Shop had called during my lunch break and we quickly went to the store to pick it up.

When I first took the computer out of the box, it felt bigger than mine for some reason. I couldn’t place why it felt more like a 17″ computer. When I placed it side by side to my older MacBook Pro, it was a few fractions of an inch bigger, but not by much.

I was told to use the Migration tool in the Mac OS to transfer my files and I tried to do it wirelessly, but alas for some reason my computer wouldn’t recognize the other on the network. Since I had performed a backup via Time Capsule a few days ago I used that as my migration of files. It took only about an hour to have the files transferred, but I didn’t notice anything differently. I began to delete some program files I didn’t want anymore; such as my Canon Utility programs that came with my camera. When I went to empty out my trash can, the computer began to delete over 16,000 files. I began to panic a bit as I wasn’t sure what it was deleting. I left it to complete the deletion and I would look at it afterwards in the morning to see if the computer was ok.

This morning I restarted my computer and just as it came up, it had the dashboard as my old MacBook Pro. All my items were as it was. YEAH!

So I’ve been tweaking it a bit today and I’m not finding anything out of place or not functioning. I’m so happy with it right now. I’m enjoying the speed of it. Things are loading much faster and programs are working nicely including Aperture 3 which I’ll be using more regularly moving forward.

This weekend I will strip my older MacBook Pro and install Snow Leopard OS to it and sell it.