Paris Bound!!!


I’m Paris bound for September 1 – 14.

I can’t wait to have this vacation start! I’ll be stopping in Toronto for a couple of hours lay over so to all my family who are reading this, expect a phone call at least!!!!

Thanks again to my wonderful sister Gladys for getting these tickets for me!!

Now we need to book a hotel. Anyone know of a good hotel in Paris?

EDIT – Just found out we’ll be there during Fashion Week. I’ll try my best to get that purse for you Maria 🙂

Paris – Maybe

So with all these recent airport regulations that are in place, Russ and I had to re-evaluate our Europe plans. Now were hoping to fly into London and then linger there for a few days followed by a few days in Paris, but with airports in London being so strict on carry-on luggage, we decided not to fly into London. Instead I think we are going to head into Paris directly and maybe plan a few days in London before coming back to Paris.

No tickets have been purchased as of yet and I hope to have this done by Friday or Monday at the latest thanks to my wonderful sister Gladys. She has been amazing at getting details for me on available flights and times. LOVE HER!

So hopefully by next week I’ll be blogging about my trip plans to Paris in September.

Vive le France!

Just Another Manic … Tuesday

Boy it’s always fun to be off work, especially during a long weekend. But boy when you come back to work there is always double the amount of work to do. Now I don’t know if it is because of the day off on Monday, or just because generally we are busy this time of year. Today has been a VERY busy day. A lot of following up on clients, getting things resolved, dealing with some phone calls, proofing releases from our OPS team, and of course those dreaded REPORTS! Sometimes I wonder if anyone really makes any sense of those reports, or if it is just a way for Management to give us some work to do. Hmmm.

Though now things have slowed down for me (granted I probably just cursed myself on it) and I hope to make it home and get back on that elliptical trainer downstairs in our gym. Relieve some of the stress of the work day!

EDIT: Yup I cursed myself! 🙁

Weird Mood

Have you ever woken up and felt great?

Well that is how I felt today. I was feeling great, good start to the day, brisk walk to work while listening to some tunes on the iPod. Even when I got to work I felt great after dealing with an issue from a client (nothing serious as they LOVE ME).

Then something happened. I don’t know why or what could have caused this, but I started to feel BLAH. I even went for a walk after lunch on this gorgeous day to see if my mood would change. Slowly it is, but still overal feeling BLAH.

Maybe when I leave work it will all be better 🙂

Hmm a good workout and the fireworks tonight should help the mood. If not I’ll have to start trying to find those “happy pills” my sister keeps talking about.

Hotel Chic

I’ve always wanted that “Hotel Chic” look, so this weekend I had enough of the old sheets. I needed something new and modern.

So I hoped in the car with Russ and we headed down to Linens n Things and I found them!!! My “Hotel Chic” look is becoming a reality. Granted this look doesn’t come cheap!! But I’ve always wanted it and now I have it.

We now just have to paint that bedroom.

Hmm what colour would good with this sheet set?