Paris – Maybe

So with all these recent airport regulations that are in place, Russ and I had to re-evaluate our Europe plans. Now were hoping to fly into London and then linger there for a few days followed by a few days in Paris, but with airports in London being so strict on carry-on luggage, we decided not to fly into London. Instead I think we are going to head into Paris directly and maybe plan a few days in London before coming back to Paris.

No tickets have been purchased as of yet and I hope to have this done by Friday or Monday at the latest thanks to my wonderful sister Gladys. She has been amazing at getting details for me on available flights and times. LOVE HER!

So hopefully by next week I’ll be blogging about my trip plans to Paris in September.

Vive le France!

Europe Anyone?!

Well Russ and myself are planning on a trip to Europe this coming September. Now some of you are asking where are you guys going? Well to be honest we just don’t know. Granted the plan is to visit London and Paris, but this will all depend on a few things.

First I’m hoping to be able to get some family passes from my lovely sister Gladys (insert grovel remark here). We have to book at least 2 weeks before we are schedule to leave. That said, they only offer 8 seats per flight. So we might end up somewhere else in the world if we can’t make it to Europe.

Secondly it depends on Russ’ mother. Without getting into too much detail, as Russ might not like what I say in a public forum, she depends on Russ even though she wishes to be independent.

So my vacation just might be small trips around here, or who knows maybe somewhere that neither Russ nor I had expect to go to.