Heading off to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

IMG_2510 Ahhh Puerto Vallarta Mexico, a sunny place to get away from the harsh cloudy and rainy days of Vancouver. What used to be a yearly trip for both Russ and I during the month of January, I haven’t been to the lovely bay town since 2008. Russ on the other hand has been there quite frequently, sometimes visiting Puerto Vallarta twice a year.

This time we are heading to Puerto Vallarta a little later than normal for the both of us. With Russ having 3 weeks of holidays and I currently looking for a new career opportunity, it’s a perfect time to head down for a vacation before life gets busy again for both of us.

The kids are all booked up for their own vacations while we are away. Junior will be heading to the Rex Dog Spa as usual and Cyd is set to visit the aviary. It does get hard when one travels and have pets to look after. We don’t like to ask people to look after them as it does take commitment on their part and we don’t want it to be a burden. Sometimes I wish I had family here as they would be the ones to gladly look in on them.

I hoping to explore different areas of Puerto Vallarta this time around. I want to dig deeper into the area and find those hidden gems that most people wouldn’t know existed. Since Russ and I are not big beach people, I think we can accomplish this task easily.

We might take a side trip into Guadalajara for a few days. A 5 hour bus ride away will allow me to see the country side from a different angle as well as visit a city we stayed at last year for a week.

I’m looking forward to seeing those amazing sunsets and seeing what has changed in the 5 years that I haven’t been there. I’m also looking forward to spending my birthday in another city this time around.

Of course I’ll still be on the job hunt while I’m down there. One never knows what opportunities might arise from it.


La Perla – Boutique Bed & Breakfast in Guadalajara Mexico

On our recent trip to Guadalajara Mexico, Russ and I stayed at the lovely La Perla – Boutique Bed & Breakfast which has a strong connection to Mexican movie stars of the past.

Situated in the heart of the Historical section of Guadalajara, this 3 guest room two storey with roof top Moorish mansion has been welcoming visitors from around the world since September 2005.Decorated with magnificent works of art from local artists, La Perla highlights Mexican artists.

La Perla - Boutique Bed & Breakfast

La Perla - Boutique Bed & Breakfast

You might be lucky enough to be staying during one of their parties. Some parties they invite local musicians and opera singers to come in and sing. We were lucky enough to be surprised by a visit from a couple of opera singers during our stay and they showed us how wonderful their voices were. An amazing experience I won’t soon forget.

The two hosts, Lars and Cristobal, were amazing. They both made sure that everyone in the house was well looked after and that their stay was enjoyable. They would make daily suggestions on places to visit and where to go. They made sure directions were easy to understand and would even offer to join us on our adventures of discovering Guadalajara. At one point I got food poisoning during my stay and they were kind enough to go out the pharmacy and make sure I had some over the counter medicine as well as made sure I kept I fully hydrated.

The host can also book any side trips you would like and can join you along the way giving you a local perspective of the area. All the main attractions to the historical city are within walking distance of La Perla.

If you are ever in Guadalajara, I highly recommend staying here. You will not be disappointed and you will be well looked after!


2 Days in Seattle

This weekend I was invited, thanks to a Klout Perk, to spend 2 days in Seattle. During these 2 days, we are invited to visit the city and explore hidden gems and hopefully tweet about it while we are down there with the hashtag #2DaysInSeattle.

I haven’t been to Seattle in about 3 years. Yeah I know it’s very close for us here in Vancouver and I am looking forward to exploring the city a little bit more. How much can I do in 2 days? I’m not 100% sure. If you had just 2 days in Seattle what would you do? What restaurants should I try? What local hot spots is a must see?

I’ll admit I will be going up the Space Needle this time around as I’ve never done that before. I have done the underground city tour before as well and of course I will be revisiting Pike’s Place Market. I’m also thinking of taking either a dinner boat cruise or just a regular boat cruise.

I’ve very excited about the opportunity and hopefully everyone will enjoy my tweets (internet hotspots permitting) as well as a post, or two afterwards.

Road Trip to Princeton, Keremeos and Osoyoos British Columbia

Yesterday was one of those days when Russ and I just wanted to get away for a road trip that took us eastward. We had no game plan except to drive and see how far we wanted to go. As we got closer to Hope, we decided to continue along the Hope-Princeton highway and drive and quickly explore the area.

We had a quick stop in Princeton where we had lunch at a local restaurant. And allowed Junior, who was with us on this trip, a quick bathroom break. Though we were only there for a few short minutes. It was fun to enjoy the warm sun that the area gives you this time of year. The town is filled with many trails and great places to enjoy nature. Next weekend, August 19 – 21, their annual Princeton Traditional Music Festival takes place. So if you are into fiddlers, sea chanties and Celtic music, make sure to check them out.

Camera Roll-148

We continued on towards Keremeos where we stopped at a local fruit stand, Mariposa, and bought some great local fruits and vegetables that this season offers. As the temperature was reaching 32C we had a nice ice cream to help cool us off. Truly a wonderful area with the surrounding mountains.

Camera Roll-156Camera Roll-155photo-1

Continuing our trip we stopped in Osoysoos just before 6pm where we decided to walk along the beach. As it was the weekend and wonderful weather, there were tons of people in Osoyoos. I would have loved to have stayed longer and explore the city more, but we didn’t get a chance.

Hello OsoyoosWater fountain - Osoyoos

What is wonderful about driving through the Similkameen valley was the amount of fruit stands, wineries and wonderful park areas it has to offer. If you are fine with driving a few hours from Vancouver, I think you will enjoy a day trip to this area. Take your time and enjoy the scenery.