To Blackberry or not to Blackberry

It seems lately our office is on the Blackberry [link] bandwagon. Everyone seems to be getting one version of the Blackberry or another and I’m starting to wonder if I’m falling behind.

Now I currently don’t like the selection of Blackberry Telus offers and I find them very clunky and not very stylish. After all I’m all about the style. And not to mention the cost of the data plans here in Canada are ridiculous.

Now recently Apple has announced the new iPhone which is scheduled to hit the stores south of the border beginning in June. We still don’t have any confirmation as to when Apple will be issuing it in Canada. People have speculated that Rogers will have to carry the device as the iPhone will be GMS [wiki] enabled allowing for the rich features.

Of course in my opinion Rogers has the best selection of Blackberry’s out there. And I’m not just saying this because my niece is the Manager of Accessories for Rogers, but just stating the obvious.

Now my dilemma is should I just wait it out for the iPhone to hit the market here in Canada before I make my switch from Telus to Rogers (or which ever carrier it goes to), or should I just bite the bullet after my contract is up with Telus and move over to Rogers for a Blackberry? I’m not saying I’m not happy with my service at Telus, far from it, but when you want to have cool phones you have to go where they are.

Well some choices for sure.

DVD Beef!

So I’ve been noticing for sometime now that when movies are released on DVD they are released in 2 different formats. One just contains the movie alone and another version has the movie plus an extra DVD full of little extras (known as the Deluxe Version). Now I remember a few years back when the “deluxe” version was the only version that would be released. Is the way that the movie studios are gaining extra cash? Especially with the difference in the cost of the 2 versions. I myself prefer to buy the deluxe versions, but if the price keeps staying this high, I might have to revert back to just the movie version by itself.

Telus Long Distance Charges

All I have to say is WOW!

Just opened our phone bill yesterday and to my horror a 7 minute call on a Saturday to speak to my Aunt in Buenos Aires Argentina cost me over $10!!! That is right folks over $10!!!

Now I’m always surprised that calling the UK is cheap, calling Europe is cheap, but why isn’t South America cheap? In this day and age of the internet, wouldn’t it be smart to have a cheaper rate here as well. People do live in that city, it’s not like we are in the middle of the Amazon!

Let us say that I won’t be using Telus for my long distance calling in the future. I think I will buy one of those phone cards and talk for over 3 hours for $10.

Stupid Telus!! So much for the “future is friendly” tag!

Gus on Google

Sometimes it’s fun to Google your name to see what pops up. Now in the past mine has taken me to a porn site. So today I did it again to see what came up.

Gus* – a very nice modern design company (Hmmm I wonder if I can get a discount)

GusGus – not only a nickname Laura (LoloD on TV) likes to refer to me by, but an interesting group.

The Genomics Unified Schema (GUS) – a genomic database (hmm interesting)

Gus Online – a communications company

I have to say Gus* is definately my favourite of them all. So Gus* Team, if you are reading this, feel free to send me some samples to try out (Hey if Rebecca (Miss604)can do it and get freebies, why I can’t I?)

I LOVE Wireless Internet

Here I am sitting at a coffee house, drinking an ice tea, enjoying the sun and typing away on a computer and surfing the web. WOW!

Now you might be asking yourself…Gus why are you surfing the net on a nice day? Well our office’s firewall died today, and because of this we can’t access anything at work. So instead of being useless at work, I’m being more useful at home, where I can log in to my work email and make sure that all things are running smoothly.

AHHH technology!!!