New Name

Last night I decided to take the plunge and get myself a domain name. 

You will probably notice that Gus’ Place is now Gus Digital.
I have plans to change the look and format shortly, so if you are following along, please make sure you change how you get to me.  You can now find me directly by going to

I'm Twittering

I have just joined Twitter (link)

For all those who don’t know what Twitter is, basically it is a “mini blog” where you type 1 sentence of how you are doing or what your are doing at a specific moment in time.

These are showcased on my sidebar below, and you can have others join your group of friends. So please sign up and add me to your group of friends.

Pretty interesting.

Thanks Darren Barefoot for the CPRS Seminar yesterday and bringing me on board this new avenue.