Those Damn Photos

So today I was written about on a co-workers blog today (Rebecca). She has started a trend in this office to just BLOG. Say something to the world I guess. I’m honored to have entered this world.

Now I’ve been also trying to post pictures and get some of my pictures up. Laura has suggested Flikr which I have been using. Though since I have to log into it with my Yahoo account I thought for sure it would just transfer all my photos I have posted up there already, but alas it didn’t. So I have to start over from scratch and begin to upload some of my vacation photos for the whole world to see.

Hopefully I’ll have everything up and running soon and then all my friends and family can begin to see what Gus is up to.

Thanks to Rebecca and Laura for all your help!!!

EDIT: Thanks to the girls my photos are up and running on the sidebar!!! WOOHOO!!!