Bellini Effect – Take 2

Last month I set a goal to try out some other Bellini offerings throughout the city.

I’m proud to say last week Russ and myself enjoyed a couple of refreshing Bellinis at White Spot and Milestone.

Though the flavour was there, I didn’t quite like White Spot’s version of it. I felt it was lacking in presentation and it wasn’t frosty enough for my liking. The Milestone version definitely was tasty, though out of the three versions I’ve tried, I still love Cactus Club’s version the best.

I’m sure I will try some other versions soon 🙂

White Spot’s Bellini

Milestone’s Bellini

The Bellini Effect

Russ and I were at the Cactus Club in Yaletown the other day enjoying a Bellini when I thought to myself, “Self, who in this city makes the best Bellini”?

Based on wiki, the Bellini originated in mid 30’s to late 40’s by Giuseppe Cipriani, a head bartender at Harry’s Bar [wiki].  It is made up of peaches and Italian sparkling wine.
I of course love the Cactus Club’s version, but I’m determined to find out where else in the city has a good Bellini.   I have heard that Milestones, Swiss Chalet and White Spots all make them.  Russ has also had one White Spots and he finds it equally refreshing.  If anyone else knows of a good place to have a Bellini, please let me know.

Pan Dulce Attempt

So today I decided I wanted to make pan dulce or as it is known in Italy as panettone.  This is something I have grown up with all my life and always remember my abuela making it during the holidays.

Now this is my first attempt and I’m trying to incorporate my abuela’s recipe with one I found on the internet.
I’ve so far into the first rising process and hopefully it will work out, if not hey I tried, and there is “tomorrow” 🙂
Already I did forget to add the lemon grinds into it, but I can add it when I add the raisons and walnuts later on (keeping my fingers crossed).  And I didn’t use all the items in the photo.
UPDATE:   Not quite as I remember it, but not bad for a first attempt at making this on my own.  I believe I know what I did wrong and the next one will be even better!

The Ivy Bridge

So my sister Maria and her husband Dan have entered the world of pub owners. They are now part owners of The Ivy Bridge in Brampton Ontario.

I know it has been a long process, but they finally have it open and doing fairly well. So if you are in the Brampton area, stop by and say hello! You never know who you might run into there, a judge, a police chief or just a very nice person behind the bar.

All the best on the venture sister dear!!!

More photos can be seen on my Flickr page

Taste of Yaletown Event

Thanks to Anne (a coworker) for this.

Yaletown is having an event October 13th – 29th called the Taste of Yaletown Event (web)

During this event, participating restaurants will be showcasing a 3 course menu for $25, $35 or $45. The participating restaurants will be donating a portion of the cost to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society.

If you are in the city please check this out. I know I will, though I have to figure out where to go. Hmmm maybe all of them 😀