Restaurant Review – Epicurean Caffe Bistro

On Sunday, Russ and I went to brunch with our friend Theresa to a little caffe shop in Kitsalno called Epicurean Caffé Bistro.

The café is located at corner of West 1st Ave and Cypress St.

Our intimate interior and Mediterranean patio are the perfect setting for a quick meal or a relaxing mid-day experience while indulging over a well deserved treat. The Epicurean has become a favorite meeting point for many. Scholars, artists, musicians, architects, lawyers, politicians, athletes and travelers are only a few of the colorful array of guests that have been frequenting our establishment since 1993.

They serve Italian breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as the traditional Paninis.  I of course centered on the Italian pastries, though I was brave enough not to have any as we were there for brunch. We sat on their patio and ordered some great hearty food.




The food was delicious, the coffee awesome, and the company was terrific.

Granted the service was a little slow and we were not asked how our food was, yet we were not paying too much attention to that and just enjoying the day and the company.

I would go there again and try out some of their paninis next time around.

Tasty Lunch – Hidden Gem

International Food Fair

I really don’t know why no one has blogged about this earlier, at least as far as I can tell.

I have gone to the International Food Fair located at 530 Hornby for lunch on several occasions. I usually head over to their Sandwich Shop and have myself either their turkey, or turkey club. What makes this place so unique is that for under $7 you will get yourself a great sandwich made from real turkey meat. The owners arrive bright and early to actually roast their own turkey. I’m also suprised just how much turkey they put on their sandwich. Not only do they make sandwiches, but they also make great burritos and other Mexican style food.

Turkey Club

Other food you can find is Chinese, Japanese, Greek, Italian and the Indian food, which got a great write up on the Vancouver Sun last March for their famous butter chicken.

If you are ever hungry and downtown during the work week, stop by the International Food Fair and enjoy their offerings! Don’t let the appearance hamper your visit, the food speaks for itself.

The Bellini Effect – Take 3

Today was a gorgeous day in Vancouver and I decided to work from home instead of heading into the office (luckily I can and took advantage since the boss was way..sneaky I know). When Russ arrived he wanted to know if I would like to go out for lunch on this sunny day. Of course I took him up on the offer and we headed down to Yaletown and try to secure a place on a patio. Alas the usual places (Cactus Club, Milestones, Yaletown Brewing Company) were all full. As we walked down Maitland we came across Brown’s Restaurant Bar (also known as Browns Social Club). The patio was just starting to fill up and we secured a table outside.

As Russ started looking over the menu he quickly pointed out that they served Bellinis. I have written a couple of posts in March trying to find out the best place in Vancouver for a Bellini and thought I should continue that series.

BRB - Bellini

As you can see their bellinis are the slushy kind, similar to the Cactus Clubs and Milestone’s. I do have to admit it was a very refreshing drink, though not as strong as the Cactus Club version, but I’ll add this to my second favourite of the city thus far!

Hollywood Burger

The menu was standard fair, though my “Hollywood Burger” wasn’t anything to write home about and at $11 could have had alittle more beef. 🙂

With all the construction around Yaletown these days, sitting out on a patio isn’t always the best, but on a day like today you can’t help but get out there and just bask alittle in the sun.

Yaletown Eatery Surprise

I’ve lived in Yaletown for over 5 years now and I have always walked by Doux Crepes on Richards Street on my way to George Wainborne Park and I have never stepped foot in there. Yesterday at the dog park I was told by one of Junior’s play pals owners that I should try their $2 lattes out. This morning I tried them out.

WOW. These are definitely the best tasting lattes I have had in this city. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since they use Lavazza coffee and being 1/2 Italian, I know how good the coffee is as I pretty much grew up with it in our household.

Doux Crepes not only serves $2 lattes, but they also offer breakfast. You can have their all day breakfast for $4.99 which includes a coffee or tea. Of course they also serve crepes as their name states. Tomorrow I think Russ and I will go there and try out their breakfast offerings.

Doux Crepes is located at 1371 Richards Street. Check them out!


Russ and I had breakfast there this morning and had their $4.99 special. It was very yummy and will go there again! Where else in this city can you have 2 eggs, with bacon all rolled up in a crepe for under $5?

Breakfast special

IABC-BC: Second Life Event

Tonight I’m attending IABC-BC’s Second Life – A Communications Tool? event.

It will be interesting to hear what the speakers have to say as I’ve heard mixed reviews of Second Life over the past year. What might be cool (ok maybe just plain uncool) will be the virtual DJ performing via Second Life as well as one of the speakers themselves speaking through Second Life.

I will report more on my findings later.

UPDATE: Ok so I didn’t post about my findings, but here are some photos I took of the event. I’m still not sold on Second Life, but what the hell.

Setting Up Second Life

Talking About Second Life

Speaker Speaking Through Second Life