Movie Review – Casino Royal

This weekend thinking it would be another fun filled day of rain, Russ and myself decided on going to the movies. Of course our choice was the new Bond flick Casino Royale.

While waiting in line to get our tickets, we happened to run into Freddie Prince Jr. and his lovely wife Sarah Michelle Gellar (known for her Buffy the Vampire series). It was nice to see stars up here in Vancouver and just hanging out like regular people. It was also funny to note that we ended up sitting in front of them at the show, no this wasn’t planned, it just happened this way.

Well Movie review time.

This to me was a kick ass movie. Daniel Craig does a brilliant job of portraying James Bond. In this movie we see less gadgets and more action. This is the story of how Bond became a Double “O” agent. I don’t want to get into much detail as most of you would probably already know the plot of this movie. It’s just nice to see Bond get beaten up and actually bleed for once. We get to see that there is still some remorse in Bond as he kills. He isn’t as cold hearted. He also blunders which is great to see. All in all a fantastic movie which I would greatly see again.

Spider Man 3 Trailer

We will all have to wait until May 4, 2007 for the movie to hit the theatres, but definately looks like it will be interesting. I was hoping to see just “alittle” more of Venom, but I’m sure that will come closer to the release date. I believe another trailer is scheduled for February.

T.M.X. Elmo is Here

Ok so the new 10th anniversary Tickle Me Elmo has now been officially released.

I remember when the first one came out 10 years ago, my sister Maria went crazy trying to find one for my niece Samantha. I don’t know how she did it, but she manage to find one and was able to give it to her on Christmas Day. Ahhh parenthood.

Now the new and improved Elmo falls on the floor, bangs his knee, rolls over, kicks his legs. WOW amazing. Hmmm maybe I’ll get one this year for Christmas. 😀

To view a video please see below:

Hmmm maybe I should buy one for the office. With the wet weather lately people are alittle grumpy (me included) and this might just be what we need on those grumpy rainy gloomy days!

Humming Birds Live

Well on the heals of the successful “Live Eagle Cam” comes “Humming Birds Live” (link)

See them while they last! Summer is almost over!

The makers will soon have a host of other live webcams soon (link). Stay tuned!

Movie Review – "The Illusionist"

So Russ and myself went to the movies on Saturday to watch The Illusionist

Now this movie is set in Vienna at the beginning of the 19th Century. Very visual and stunning cenimatography really makes this film. The acting is enjoyable, but for the most part very slow moving. Now I can’t remember the movie critics name, but he said the movie is a combination of the “Usual Suspects”, though one suspect, a love story and a period piece. Definitely has a “oh my gosh” moment at the end, though very predictable I thought.

Ed Norton as Essenhiem could have been better in the roll, but was enjoyable to watch. Jessica Biel as the Prince’s intended Sophie von Teshcen I thought “why is she in this?” She sorta reminds me of Wynona Rider in Dracula. Paul Giamatti was the most enjoyable to watch as the struggling Chief Inspector Uhl followed by the ruthless Rufus Sewell as the crown Prince Leoplad.

I won’t get into more details about the movie as you can find that on its website. Still overall a very enjoyable movie for getting away from the world for 2 hours!

My only concern was they previewed “The Prestige” just before the movie which looks ALOT better than The Illusionist.