New Starts in 2017

Well the new year is finally upon us.

Some are so happy to say goodbye to 2016 for many reasons while others had a fantastic 2016 with lots of life changes. I, for one, have some mixed feelings about 2016. I’ve had several changes happen in 2016. I sold my condo in Vancouver to move to┬áToronto to be closer to my family and I’ve left a great job to do so knowing that I would find something new here.

Not all was wonderful.

The job hunt was much harder than I expected. A lot of companies were not hiring during the summer months as they slowed down. Reconnecting with old friends proved harder than expected and since I was unemployed, I couldn’t do much exploring as I needed┬áto keep my costs down.

That said, the new year brings fresh new starts. It usually gives us a great opportunity to start fresh and set new goals. I’m happy to say I will be starting a new job next week (more to come on this in a later post) and I’ve decided it was time to give this blog a new fresh look and start it up again.

So here is to the new year. May it bring everyone a fresh new start and help you refocus to find what is important to you.

Love and peace everyone!

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