Moving to a New Nest

Hootsuite LogoMost of you already know this but for those that don’t, I’m starting a new career chapter and taking on the role of Customer Success Manager at Hootsuite starting on July 7th.

I’m super excited about this role. I’ve watched Hootsuite grow from their early days at Invoke to the mega superstar it has become today. I’ve watched amazing people grow within the organization¬†and seen their personal success first hand. I’ve toured the new facility several times and know how much passion their employees put into being there and servicing their clients.

My 12 plus years of working with customers in the communication and marketing industry will enhance Hootsuite’s commitments to their clients and I hope I can bring huge success to my clients and my new nest.

I’m proud to be associated with such a great and successful company as well as working with some close peeps I have the privilege of knowing.

I’m sure you will hear more as I begin this journey and follow along and see how we all are living the #hootsuitelife.


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