What's New on Fox – 2013 Fall TV Line Up

Continuing our posts on the new shows this fall tv season, Laura Yee-Lim brings us what’s going on over on Fox. You can follow Laura on Twitter where she shares her take on TV and all things filmed in and around Vancouver.

Since the end of 24 & Fringe, the FOX network has been on the outskirts of my viewing schedule. Known more for their comedy & reality TV programming, they tend to dominate my summer viewing with the double doses of Gordon Ramsay on MasterChef and Hell’s Kitchen.

This season, they up the ante on their “serious” night of shows with two new additions. Monday nights will begin the first half of the season with Bones but by late fall will transition to Almost Human. In this series, Karl Urban (most currently known for playing Leonard McCoy in the new Star Trek movies) plays a cop in the future who wakes up from a coma with a synthetic limb & robotic partner. Not only will they have to develop their own relationship as partners & within their department but they will also be fighting crimes within this futuristic landscape & deciphering the mysteries surrounding his attack. The other new series is Sleepy Hollow. It always scares me a little when you see SOOOO many ads for a show. It’s like overplaying a song on the radio – will it live up to the hype? I’m not a huge fan of the book or the movies and this rebooted version hasn’t peaked my interest enough to change my mind. While I am a scifi nerd, there’s just too much going on in this series for me to add it to my list. Sorry, Ichabod, but you’re show is just a little too ambitious for my tastes.

While not included in my schedule because I already have way too much on there, Dads looks like a nice balance to the female friendly second hour of the night. Seth Green & Giovanni Ribisi play childhood best friends, who together own a successful video game company. Unfortunately, they now also share another thing in common – their dads have moved in with them! Hold onto your seats, folks, this looks to be a bumpy yet hilarious ride! Rounding out the comedy act on Tuesdays is Brooklyn Nine-Nine, a comedy starring Andy Samberg as a talented but “loose with the rules” detective who suddenly finds himself reporting to a no-nonsense, by the book commanding officer. The story here won’t be about funny cases but about how the cops deal with them.

Now, I’m hoping that Joe Bastianich doesn’t make the kiddies cry on the new Friday night series, MasterChef Junior, but for anyone that’s been around kids, you know they can sometimes give as good as they get. This new culinary competition will take 24 kids from ages 8 to 13 from across America & have them showcase their talent & passion for cooking. While learning from Gordon Ramsay  & Gordon Elliott, these kids will also get to perform some fun challenges. The prize at the end? I’m not sure but I sure hope it’s not a cookbook! The other new show on Fridays is a half hour comedy called Enlisted. It’s about three brothers on an army base in a unit of, for want of a better word, misfits. They don’t quite make the cut to go into combat but aren’t so deficient they should be kicked out. While sent on a military base, the show looks to be more about the building & maintaining of their brotherly bond… with some mishaps & capers thrown in for flavour!

Below is the full schedule for the network including premiere dates & highlighted are the FOX shows included in my schedule this coming season:

8pm – Bones (Sept 16th until Nov 8th when it will move to 8pm Fridays)
8pm – Almost Human (Nov 4th)
9pm – Sleepy Hollow (Sept 16th)

8pm – Dads (Sept 17th)
8:30pm – Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Sept 17th)
9pm – New Girl (Sept 17th)
9:30pm – The Mindy Project (Sept 17th)

8pm – The X-Factor (2 part premiere on Sept 11th & 12th)

8pm – The X-Factor: Results Show (Sept 19th)
9pm – Glee (Sept 19th)

8pm – MasterChef Junior (Sept 27th)
9pm – Raising Hope (Nov 8th)
9:30pm – Enlisted (Nov 8th)

8pm – FOX Sports
11pm – Animation Domination High Def

8pm – The Simpsons (Sept 29th)
8:30pm – Bob’s Burgers (Sept 29th)
9pm – Family Guy (Sept 29th)
9:30pm – American Dad (Sept 29th)

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