Heading off to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

IMG_2510 Ahhh Puerto Vallarta Mexico, a sunny place to get away from the harsh cloudy and rainy days of Vancouver. What used to be a yearly trip for both Russ and I during the month of January, I haven’t been to the lovely bay town since 2008. Russ on the other hand has been there quite frequently, sometimes visiting Puerto Vallarta twice a year.

This time we are heading to Puerto Vallarta a little later than normal for the both of us. With Russ having 3 weeks of holidays and I currently looking for a new career opportunity, it’s a perfect time to head down for a vacation before life gets busy again for both of us.

The kids are all booked up for their own vacations while we are away. Junior will be heading to the Rex Dog Spa as usual and Cyd is set to visit the aviary. It does get hard when one travels and have pets to look after. We don’t like to ask people to look after them as it does take commitment on their part and we don’t want it to be a burden. Sometimes I wish I had family here as they would be the ones to gladly look in on them.

I hoping to explore different areas of Puerto Vallarta this time around. I want to dig deeper into the area and find those hidden gems that most people wouldn’t know existed. Since Russ and I are not big beach people, I think we can accomplish this task easily.

We might take a side trip into Guadalajara for a few days. A 5 hour bus ride away will allow me to see the country side from a different angle as well as visit a city we stayed at last year for a week.

I’m looking forward to seeing those amazing sunsets and seeing what has changed in the 5 years that I haven’t been there. I’m also looking forward to spending my birthday in another city this time around.

Of course I’ll still be on the job hunt while I’m down there. One never knows what opportunities might arise from it.


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