The Day After Halloween

Happy Halloween

Well it’s done for another year, Halloween has come and gone.

I hope everyone had an awesome few days while you celebrated as an adult and celebrated with your little ones. I saw some great costumes this year and it was great seeing parents also dressed up as they took their kids out around Yaletown last night.

Though my plan to become a human size Yoda never turned out, I was happy to just be at home snuggled on the couch while enjoying some awesome sweet potato soup that Russ made. I always say I’ll get dressed up for Halloween, but never do. Oh well there is always next year 🙂

There is one thing I’ll never get about Halloween here in Vancouver. It’s the only time when you can buy fireworks in this city. That’s right, you can’t buy any fireworks during Victoria Day or Canada day here. I don’t see where the logic of having fireworks when it’s fall and there are tons of dry leaves around, granted this year it rained and most of the leaves are a pile of wet mush. I still don’t get it.

Even this morning at 6am someone was letting some fireworks go. Really 6am?!

So how did you spend your Halloween weekend and day? Did you dress up? Did you give out treats to kids?

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