MOvember 2011 Update

GusMOBro Yes I’ve been a bad MOBro. I haven’t really pushed a lot of posts or photos of myself this year while growing the moustache, so I thought it was due for an update.

As you can see the moustache is pretty much there. Not hugely styled or amazing per-say, but it there.

With only 9 days left in MOvember, it’s great to see Canadians doing their part. As of this post, Canada is leading in the international campaign with raising over $21,664,054 so far for prostate cancer research. Below are some of the standings so far.

Country Money Raised
Canada $21,644,054
United Kingdom $13,208,192
Australia $12,815,848
United States $8,010,218
Ireland $719,170
New Zealand $435,919
South Africa $179,226
Netherlands $174,341
Norway $123,892
Denmark $107,723
Finland $50,830
Belgium $28,375
Spain $13,938
Czech Republic $6,381

So please consider helping me in my cause by donating at

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