The Ranting Blog – Gus Fusses

On Friday, while at work and chatting with a few co-workers, I had suggested one of them start their own ranting blog as they love to rant about everything. I had come up with a very catchy title to their blog too (but for protection I won’t be saying what it was), and one of my co-workers came up with a catchy title for me – Gus Fusses.

I had thought this was such a catchy title that I quickly grabbed the domain name and have created more of a ranting blog. So without too much fan fare, was born.

I’ll probably be posting daily rants on there, though sometimes there might be some cross over, hell I’m sure there will be some cross over. So go check out and let me know what you think. I’d love to hear your ranting stories as well and feel free to give me some ideas along the way.

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