Social Media Week – Vancouver

Social Media Week kicks off today around the world with 12 cities hosting events including Vancouver. This is the first time that Vancouver will be hosting the event and it will be the only Canadian city participating this time.

Our good friends at Socialized have put together an amazing week which will included a Blogging Summit, a Real Estate Summit, A Social Media for Lawyers event, An Agency Mash-up, Social Good Summit, A Mining Tweetup and Leading Women in Social Media Mash-up to name a few. This week will be full of learning and gaining best practices as we all move forward with social media.

As part of working with Marketwire and Sysomos, we will be part of the week long event sharing what we’ve learned through out our years and helping kick off the week with the opening party this evening at Ceilis Irish Pub by providing you with a few appies. So look out for me at the event!

So follow along through out the week on Twitter Р#SMWVan or @SMWVan for more details.

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