Road Trip to Princeton, Keremeos and Osoyoos British Columbia

Yesterday was one of those days when Russ and I just wanted to get away for a road trip that took us eastward. We had no game plan except to drive and see how far we wanted to go. As we got closer to Hope, we decided to continue along the Hope-Princeton highway and drive and quickly explore the area.

We had a quick stop in Princeton where we had lunch at a local restaurant. And allowed Junior, who was with us on this trip, a quick bathroom break. Though we were only there for a few short minutes. It was fun to enjoy the warm sun that the area gives you this time of year. The town is filled with many trails and great places to enjoy nature. Next weekend, August 19 – 21, their annual Princeton Traditional Music Festival takes place. So if you are into fiddlers, sea chanties and Celtic music, make sure to check them out.

Camera Roll-148

We continued on towards Keremeos where we stopped at a local fruit stand, Mariposa, and bought some great local fruits and vegetables that this season offers. As the temperature was reaching 32C we had a nice ice cream to help cool us off. Truly a wonderful area with the surrounding mountains.

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Continuing our trip we stopped in Osoysoos just before 6pm where we decided to walk along the beach. As it was the weekend and wonderful weather, there were tons of people in Osoyoos. I would have loved to have stayed longer and explore the city more, but we didn’t get a chance.

Hello OsoyoosWater fountain - Osoyoos

What is wonderful about driving through the Similkameen valley was the amount of fruit stands, wineries and wonderful park areas it has to offer. If you are fine with driving a few hours from Vancouver, I think you will enjoy a day trip to this area. Take your time and enjoy the scenery.

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