Prague – Day 3

I didn’t sleep well last night. My throat was swollen and I was completely stuffed up causing me to toss and turn. I was getting worried that I was getting a cold or this was a very strong allergic reaction to something. Taking an Aerius seemed to have calmed the symptoms down, but I was still groggy for most of the day.

We started with a walk to the St. Charles Bridge, the original bridge into Prague, which allowed me to take some great shots from this vantage point. As this is a main tourist area, it was filled with people walking up and down the bridge.

Prague Day 3 10 Prague Day 3 9 Prague Day 3 3

We later booked a tour of the Old Town Municipal House which showcases some of the best Art Deco and Art Nuevo examples I’ve ever seen. Built in 1911. Municipal House gained fame on the 28th October 1918 when the historic proclamation of the independent state of Czechoslovakia took place here. The interior houses many ball rooms and concert hall areas which are still used today. As usual with some of the tours, a photo permit is required if you want to take photos costing 55Kc (approximately $3 CDN).

Prague Day 3 32 Prague Day 3 22 Prague Day 3 27 Prague Day 3 39 Prague Day 3 33

Our day ended with an authentic dinner and folk dance in a restaurant outside of the city. We were treated to a 3 course meal that included all the beer, wine or soft drink you wanted. The dancing was fun and it was great to see the group and other tours come in a join the fun.

Prague Day 3 52 Prague Day 3 63

A great evening was had by all and our return trip back into the city our bus turned into music central with the driver playing some great tunes that got everyone swinging their hands in the air.

We will miss you Prague. You were a great city to visit with tons of culture.

Tomorrow we head our way to Dresden for a couple days to enjoy what they have to offer.

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