Prague – Day 1

Prague Day 1 6

So after a 24 hour delay in Montreal, we finally arrived in the Czech Republic at the wonderful city of Prague. Luckily we emailed our tour ahead of time and had them send a car to meet us at the airport, which made the trip into the city much easier.

After checking into our hotel – The Grand Majestic Plaza, we met up with other people on the tour over cocktails before heading out to dinner. Russ and I both thought we were the last to arrive, but looks like there are two other people that got held up and hopefully will be joining us on the next day before the grand city tour begins.

We headed out for our welcome dinner at the Hanau Pavilion which had a great vista view of the city. The Pavilion is was built in 1891 b for the Czech Jubilee Exposition. As our tour is a Baroque tour, this was a perfect setting to meet others on the tour as well as get familiar with our new home.

Prague Day 1 5

After dinner we headed out on a short walking tour to the St. Charles Bridge where I tried to take some night time shots.

Prague Day 1 56

Prague Day 1 38

Prague Day 1 52

We ended the evening with an excurtion to a local bar before heading back to our hotel for a much needed sleep.

Day 2 will bring a day tour of the city with a first stop at the castle.  Stay tuned for more, but you can see all the Prague photos on my Flickr set.

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  1. Hi Gus and Russ…sorry that your trip had a bumpy start, but I am glad you’re there safe and sound. Have a wonderful trip and I look forward to hearing your travel tales!

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