Berlin – Day 4

Our tour has officially ended with most of our tour mates leaving today. Russ and I still have a couple of days left to enjoy the city and since museums are closed on Mondays we thought it would be a good day to check out a museum.

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Russ really loves Egyptian artifacts and has gone to Egypt before so and our main goal today was to head over to the Egyptian Museum to view their artifacts. The museum has 4 levels of great artifacts throughout the many history of Egypt from the 4000BC up to the Roman rule and up to rule of Akhenaten (around 1340BC). The main highlight of the museum is the famous Nefertiti colour bust which is guarded and on the top floor.

I was really amazed at the quality of the collection and how it was showcased. Seeing Nefertiti’s bust was amazing. Truly a work of art and truly a beautiful piece. The bust is said to be a true likeliness of Nefertiti and lives up to all the hype around it. She was a beautiful woman with amazing features. Well worth the €10 price.

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On our way to the museum we encountered an open air concert from the Berlin Symphony outside the Humboldt University on Unter den Linden. It was amazing to see people of walks of life enjoying the music, from young and old, it was a great experience. I just wished we would have had more time to enjoy the music, but we wanted to make the most of the museum itself.

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The day concluded with a nice dinner out to an Argentinian Steak House (which really wasn’t Argentinian at all 🙂 ).

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