Testing Blogsy For The IPad

The other day I saw one of my good friend tweet about Blogsy and thought I would give it a look.

I was looking for an easy software where I could easily create a blog post without having to know any HTML codes (god forbid I would have to learn how to code) to use on the iPad. The WordPress App is ok for being able to quickly approve comments or quickly update a post, but I didn’t find the interface all that great when compared to the PC/MAC. I guess I’m just so use to using the WYSIWYG for quickly editing and writing my blog posts.

This App is great as it uses the iPad’s touch capabilities for easily dropping in links, photos and videos as you can see by this video.

With this tool I’ll be able to easily update and create blogs on the go without having to bring my MacBook Pro along. After all this post was created by using Blogsy.

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