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One of the many popular tourist areas in Buenos Aires is the Recoleta Cemetery. Located in the famous neighbourhood that bares its name; Recoleta.  The cemetery is the final resting place of many families and famous Argentinians such as Evita Peron, Raul Alfonsin and other past presidents of Argentina.

The cemetery is known for their magnificent mausoleums decorated in very ornate fashion and styles from Art Deco, Art Neuveau, Gothic and Egyptian styles, housing remains of family members. Most of the mausoleums are kept very well, but others are slowly decaying and falling apart. The reason, I’m told by my family members, is that every 25 years, the remaining live family members have to pay a fee to the cemetery to maintain the remains. If they do not, they no longer take care of them. There are no new burials allowed at the cemetery, unless the family already has a mausoleum.

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Though many of the styles are very elaborate, you might be surprised to find out that the grave site for Evita Peron (buried under her maiden name Duarte), is very simple in style. I have to admit that seeing her final resting place did put a tear in my eye the first time I saw it. I’m not sure why it did, but maybe the connection and understanding her history did this to me.

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The cemetery is open daily until 5pm and is a great place to walk around and reflect. The centre court area is the only real place for shade on a sunny day, so be prepared to have drinking water in hand as you walk through there.

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  1. We noticed that the mausoleum right next to the Duare one is actually for sale! Kind of funny (you would think that would be highly in demand wouldn’t you?)

    Loved the cemetery though – could walk around in there for hours!

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