Buenos Aires 2011 – Day 5 – 8

It’s hard to believe that a week has already flown by on this trip to Buenos Aires. Russ continues to attend his Spanish school and when he gets off we explore more and more of the city. We’ve explored El Congresso, San Telmo and experienced a train ride to my aunts place.

The Congress (El Congresso) building is located on the Congressional Plaza which is west of the Plaza De Mayo where the Presidential house is located. The park is usually a site where there are several protests (luckily on this day there was none). The building was designed “by the Italian architect Vittorio Meano and completed by Argentine architect Julio Dormal, the building was under construction between 1898 and 1906.” [wikipedia]. The building is truly a great site to see and the Plaza itself is amazing.

Buenos Aires 2011 - Day 5 -   11

Buenos Aires 2011 - Day 5 -   17

The next day we found ourselves exploring the oldest section of Buenos Aires – San Telmo. This is area is distinguished by the many colonial buildings, Tango bars, cobble stone streets, cafes and many antique stores throughout. Every weekend many people come to San Telmo for their famous street markets where you can find many antiques, art and artisans selling their wares. From what I understood they have two separate fairs, one on Saturday located at the Plaza Dorrego and one on Sunday along the street Defensa. This is a must for any visit to Bueno Aires.

Buenos Aires 2011 - Day 7 -   14

Buenos Aires 2011 - Day 7 -   5

Buenos Aires 2011 - Day 7 -   8 San Telmo Market Buenos Aires 2011 - Day 7 -   21

On Sunday found us traveling on train to my aunts place. This time I managed to take my camera and tool some photos of the train station (El Retiro). The images are so 20’s and nothing much has changed. I love this place for the character of the building itself. The cost to my aunt’s place was only $1.10 ARG which works out to be about $0.80 $0.30 CDN. Can’t beat that for transit. What I did noticed during our train ride, is that people here don’t seem to care about littering. They would just throw any piece of paper out the window or just let it drop on the floor, yet oddly the streets are not crazy with trash.

Buenos Aires 2011 - Day 8 -   11

Buenos Aires 2011 - Day 8 -   18

There are still so many places to explore in this city. It’s hard to get it all in one trip and you truly have to come back again to just find out what you missed. We still have 2 weeks left here so I’m going to try to make the most of it and keep on exploring throughout the other neighbourhoods. We still plan of course on visiting Montevideo Uruguay this coming weekend and hopefully Duane Storey will tag along with us.

I’m having an amazing time here and really not rushing to do much everyday. All these neighbourhoods can be done in a few short hours, but lingering along and stopping in a cafe or two along the way truly makes the experience all that much more enjoyable.

The people here truly live their life and it is great to see.

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