Buenos Aires 2011 – Day 4

Buenos Aires 2011 - Day 4 -   1

Today was a very late start to the day. After arriving late from my aunt’s home the night before, all I wanted to do is sleep. Russ was also up and down all night long as he ate way too much and was feeling awful. I felt bad for him as he had to be at class at 8am that morning. He eventually went to class, but came back afterwards to fall asleep until his 2pm classes. I took the opportunity to sleep most of the morning away and then headed out on my way when he went to school in the afternoon.

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I ended up walking around towards the Plaza de Mayo, which comemerates the revolution that lead to the independance of Argentina back on May 25, 1810. The park is also where the Casa Rosada is located. This is the President of Argentina’s home and the plaza is always the scene of many governmental protests. Luckily I still haven’t seen one of the many famous protests yet.

As well as the Casa Rosada, there are other major landmarks around the Plaza: the Cabildo (the city council during the colonial era),  the Metropolitan Cathedral of Buenos Aires, the May Pyramid, the Equestrian monument to General Manuel Belgrano, the current city hall, and the headquarters of the National Bank.

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I took a break at some steps near by the park just relax and people watch, when I noticed a tour bus pull up in-front of me that said “Buenos Aires Shopping Tour”. I wasn’t sure what mall they were pulling up, but then I thought that maybe the steps where I was would lead me to a mall. As I got up and entered the door way, I notice this was actually a church, the Metropolitan Cathedral of Buenos Aires to be exact.

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This Cathedral was gorgeous inside. I couldn’t believe the details, the frescos, the floor. All amazing to see. Although I didn’t get much detail about the Cathedral itself, it is obviously a very famous one. You can read more about the Cathedral over on Wikipedia, a truly amazing history.

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I ended up picking Russ up again and we headed to walk along Santa Fe Ave for a much needed shopping break. We loved that street the last time we stayed in Recoleta. Though the prices have changed somewhat since we were last here, it was fun to see some European style of clothing and see some trends you don’t see back in North America.

We walked around, what Russ and I like to call now, our old neighbourhood, and stopped by for dinner at one of our favourite restaurants from the last trip here – Los Inmortales. This place has some history with some great photos dating back to the early 50’s to current time. The food is fantastic, but be warned that they do charge you a $6 peso per person table fee.

We walked back home and finally got to relax a bit. The next day will be more exploring of areas we didn’t get a chance to see on our last visit. I’m also hoping to catch a museum while I’m here, but not sure which one yet to go to. I have 16 more days here to explore so I’m sure I’ll find one eventually :).

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