Buenos Aires 2011 – Day 3

Waiting for the Subte Today in the morning we met up with Duane Storey, who is also here from Vancouver, but sticking around for 3 months, to help him figure out to get his cell phone working. I managed to get ours working the day before and wanted to show him how to get his working. To get to his place, we had to hop on the Subte, Buenos Aires’ amazing subway system. At a cost of only $1.10 Pesos (roughly $0.35 CDN), one can travel in one direction most anywhere in the city. We hopped on the D line at stopped at Plaza Italia in Palermo. The stop is great as it is located just outside the Buenos Aires Zoo and the amazing Italian garden which I love (I’ll have to get back up there to take some more photos).

Since Russ didn’t have much time to stick around and hang out and Duane had to get back to work, I headed down to the Retiro (main train station) to see about getting us tickets to go visit my aunt later that evening. Of course I’ve never gone all the way with the Subte to the Retiro and got lost trying to find my way around, but in the end it all worked out great.

Waiting in line for coins To purchase tickets to on the train out to my aunt’s place, I had to use one of the many automated ticket outlets. The bad thing with this, is that you have to have to have coins with you. Coins here in Buenos Aires are very hard to come by. Not many stores want to give them out which is very sad as you need coins to ride the buses here. They haven’t developed a pre-paid card system as they have in Mar Del Plata (yeah I’m surprised as well). So if you need change, you have to line up at the Monedas counter to get some change. This line I recall used to be huge and would take several hours to get your coins. Luckily the line up wasn’t that long and within 20 minutes I was able to purchase some much needed coins.

After Russ finished his class we quickly headed back down to the Subte, got off at the Retiro, and boarded out train to my aunt’s place. The train ride took about 30 minutes and we lazily walked up to my aunt’s home and were greeted amazingly by her. We of course talked abit as we waited for my other cousins to arrive. One who I haven’t seen in over 20 years as he is now living in Puerto Rico.

With my cousins

I have to say the evening was a great highlight for me. It’s always great to connect with family you haven’t seen in so long and always great to see how loving and caring they are. It was also great to enjoy a great home cooked meal that included asado and some great salads. Russ got to practice his Spanish more, and he is improving. Afterall my aunts were able to understand him this time around.

Can’t wait to visit more of my family later on this journey!

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