Buenos Aires – One More Month and Counting!

Buenos_Aires_ 014 I’m getting excited again. Yup after a hard month of November, I’m actually starting to get excited about being in Buenos Aires Argentina next month. And officially it’s only a month today that we will be landing in Buenos Aires.

This will be a different trip from my previous trips there. This time around I think it will be less family time and more exploring time. We have a few mini trips planned when we are there and hopefully we’ll be able to accomplish most of them.

Russ will be busy with his Spanish classes during the first 2 weeks, and I will probably explore the city, with my camera in hand. The city is full of history and amazing architecture and I want to document as much as I can without feeling like I’m working :). Of course I’ll be be blogging away about my excursions and hopefully, hopefully have my posts on some different blogs (working on some details there).

At any rate it will be a well deserved vacation. I’m hoping to of course see some family while I’m there and reconnect with them.

This year has been filled with ups and downs, but so far is ending better than I had thought a month back.

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