The iPad Envy

Yes it’s true, I’m officially envious of everyone with an iPad. There I said it!

Russ recently got himself an iPad, which to be perfectly honest was what I was thinking of getting him for Christmas – but don’t tell him that. And though at first I wasn’t 100% sold on it, it has grown on me with every use. I’m surprised how easy it is to work with and all the amazing Apps that the App store offers. I’ve been trying so hard not to take over Russ’ iPad even though Russ keeps telling me that I can add items to it.

At first Russ wasn’t so sold on the iPad. He was starting to find it limiting to what he wanted to do, he wanted to surf like he did with his netbook. After realizing that the Apps truly make the iPad, he was happier. There are still a few things Russ is getting used to with it and as am I.

I’m really trying very hard to restrain myself from going out there and actually purchasing one for myself. I’m going to try very hard to wait until the next version is released hopefully next year sometime.

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