Buenos Aires Here I Come

Buenos_Aires_ 014 Ok so I’m not going right this second, but Russ and I are about 3/4 booked for our Buenos Aires holiday this coming January. All we are missing at this point are confirmations on our condo.

Yeah, I do have family down there, but this time around, Russ is taking Spanish courses that will require us to be in the heart of the downtown of Buenos Aires and alas my family doesn’t live in the downtown core. I think this will give us a great indication on how condos are there since we are looking at the possibility of buying our own piece of Argentine condo market before the prices go sky high.

Since Russ’ classes will be for 2 weeks, we plan on staying an extra week after that to spend with my family and explore other areas. Hopefully we plan on taking the ferry across the bay and going into Uruguay for a day or two.

I’m getting excited about heading down there again and enjoying some more of my heritage and exploring new areas of the city I didn’t get a chance to on our last trip a couple of years ago.

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