Mar Del Plata – Day 3

This day was another day of exploration.

Granted we had to buy our return ticket back to Buenos Aires for Thursday, we all grabbed a cab and headed down to the bus terminal to purchase our tickets.


From there we walked around the neighbourhood, exploring more of the shops and ended up walking towards the beach at the other end of the main beach. We all (my mother, aunt Nelly, Russ and I) sat and enjoyed the day as we all took a short break from walking. We then grabbed a cab back to the apartment and had our lunch.

Russ and I then decided to head back to the bus terminal and do alittle bit more exploring and hook up with a internet cafe so I could try to upload my photos to Flickr. I say “try” as the internet here is very slow and it took us over 1.5 hours just to upload 25 photos. I gave up after that and we continued to walk. We walked for several blocks, pass the main plaza, pass the casino and to a pedestrian street called “San Martin” which is full of shops, cafes, and other nicknacks for several blocks.

We continued up the street and reached a huge plaza where there was a Cathedral Church where people where gathered and protesting something. I wasn´t sure what they were protesting at the time.

After a walk around the plaza (park), we walked back to the apartment and rested abit as our walk was about 5 hours long.

Later the whole gang went to another Asado restaurant, where we enjoyed a great dinner.

My Father, Russ and myself then headed to the Casino for a “guys night out” and tried out luck at the Roulette tables. I was, or at least I shouldn´t have been, but Russ won on his first try at the Roulette tables. I sadly lost my 40 pesos very quickly! My father did have fun and we all arrived back at the apartment after 1am in the morning.

Tomorrow we have our last 1/2 day in Mar Del Plata and then head back to Buenos Aires on the bus and hopefully we´ll see some great places along the way that we didn´t get to see when we first drove down.

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