Mar Del Plata – Day 2


We had a fantastic rest last night. I can’t believe I was finally able to sleep.

We had a late start to the day as we didn’t make it out until after 12 noon.  We had decided today wouldn’t be a “beach day” but it would be a day where we would go out exploring the city and see what exciting things we could find. Russ, my mother and aunt all went out walking to one of the main avenues here in Mar Del Plata, but quickly learnt that most stores (even though its in a tourist area) close for the afternoon. Most wouldn’t open up until 4:30pm that afternoon.

We walked up to where we had dinner that night and picked up a couple of sandwiches and some churos and ate at the park while we watched some kids play on the merry-go-round. It seems that most plazas (parks) have a merry-go-round for the kids to go on. Granted I’m not a kid anymore I don’t think I would have said no if my mother asked if I wanted to go on one 🙂

From there we took the bus (you can buy a card and put any amount of money on it and use it on any of the buses) and went down to the main Casino on the beach. As usualy Russ won on the slot machines, while my aunt and I walked around. My mother had fun playing on the slots as well, but was asked by one of my other aunts to play roulette for her. I have never played roulette nor had my mother so were not versed in the proper way of betting. For a casino, there were tons of roulette tables around. I think the only odd thing was to see 3 Blackjack tables and that was it for this casino. Granted we were there during the day, it did seem alittle odd to only have 3 open. Also it was fairly quiet for the casino.

We later then walked out to the front courtyard and sat and took a few more pictures of the beach and area.

We got home later and rested for abit and then went out to have some dinner at an Italian restaurant that wasn’t the greatest I have to admit.

Overall the day was fairly quiet and nothing more was done.

We are planning on only being here until Thursday when we will head to Ramallo for a few days until we make it back down to Buenos Aires to stay for the remaining time.

WiFi has been hard to find and the connection when found is VERY slow to say the least thus, it has taken sometime to get my photos uploaded for everyone to see.

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