From Mar Del Plata to Buenos Aires to Ramallo

It has been a few days since I was last able to update this blog, this is mainly due to not finding many WiFi areas around here in Argentina. I apologies if this is too “diary” in format, but I think it’s important for me to remember and recall. 🙂

We had an interesting trip back to Buenos Aires from Mar Del Plata.  We encountered a huge rain storm that lasted about 45 minutes. The rain was coming down so hard that alot of cars and trucks were pulling to the side of the street and waiting out the storm. Our driver on the other hand continued driving through it and I have to say drove amazingly safe. My aunt Nelly, was white knuckled during the storm and was worried.

We arrived fairly late to my aunt Tita’s house and you could notice the change in climate BA. It was 37C that night and my aunt’s place was so hot that it made it difficult to sleep that night.

The next day Russ and I joined my father and headed downtown to a car rental agency to rent a car for the weekend for our trek to Ramallo.

It was interesting taking the bus to downtown from my aunts place. I truly forgot how big BA is. The city is HUGE and I’m looking forward to spending a few days in the downtown core.

After the car rental, we picked up my mother and headed off to Ramallo. Ramallo is about 2.5 hours north of BA and the drive was interesting with little traffic.

We arrived at my parent’s apartment and unloaded our luggage and washed out clothes (which needed to be washed).

Ramallo is a fairly small town and it has been over 24 years since I last was here. We walked around the main boulevard for a bit and then headed off to my uncle’s farm for the evening and as customary with my family, you are made to eat when visiting. My uncle had made some asado, and we enjoyed eating it as usual. I was surprised that there was no mosquitoes at his place. I recall being eaten alive while there. I think that due to the drought they are having here, it has reduced the mosquito population drastically.

Yesterday we had gone around the town again and my father has planned a big get together for Sunday. We had gone to a farm where my father has asked for a lamb for dinner (mmm fresh meat).

When we arrived back to my parents place, my cousin’s daughter was there visiting with my mother and later my aunt Carmen dropped by so we could head to the cemetery to visit some relatives there, including my recently deceased uncle. I was amazed how the cemetery has grown through time. My father and mother highlighted some places where my relatives were buried, including my great grandparents, my grandparents, and my brother. I had taken a few photos of their grave stones to remember them.

I was surprised that when my aunt visited my uncle’s grave, she was able to remove the front plaque and actually see the coffin inside.  It was alittle shocking at first, but at the same time, not so shocking to see.

This trip has been filled with family and my way of connecting back with them. This is my heritage, this is my past and I wanted to connect with it again and feel grounded. This is what has made me the person that I am, my family, my linage.

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  1. don’t forget to pass by el tigre in your way back to buenos aires , you will see a lot of antique , it will take you about 2 to 3 hour to see it all… I said this because you guy rented a car , other wise to go by colectivo or train it will take you 3 hours to get there…..

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