Bellini Effect – Take 2

Last month I set a goal to try out some other Bellini offerings throughout the city.

I’m proud to say last week Russ and myself enjoyed a couple of refreshing Bellinis at White Spot and Milestone.

Though the flavour was there, I didn’t quite like White Spot’s version of it. I felt it was lacking in presentation and it wasn’t frosty enough for my liking. The Milestone version definitely was tasty, though out of the three versions I’ve tried, I still love Cactus Club’s version the best.

I’m sure I will try some other versions soon 🙂

White Spot’s Bellini

Milestone’s Bellini

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  1. Raul, the bad experience isn’t only for the White Spot Bellini, it was the overall service I received. White Spot doesn’t have the best track record for me on their service, but that is another blog all together 🙂

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