The Bellini Effect

Russ and I were at the Cactus Club in Yaletown the other day enjoying a Bellini when I thought to myself, “Self, who in this city makes the best Bellini”?

Based on wiki, the Bellini originated in mid 30’s to late 40’s by Giuseppe Cipriani, a head bartender at Harry’s Bar [wiki].  It is made up of peaches and Italian sparkling wine.
I of course love the Cactus Club’s version, but I’m determined to find out where else in the city has a good Bellini.   I have heard that Milestones, Swiss Chalet and White Spots all make them.  Russ has also had one White Spots and he finds it equally refreshing.  If anyone else knows of a good place to have a Bellini, please let me know.

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