Post Vacation Blues

I know it has been sometime since I posted on here and there have been a few things going on in my life as well.

It has now been over 2 weeks that Russ and myself got back from our holiday in Puerto Vallarta. This was one of the most relaxing vacations I have ever had and was so relaxed the first week back at work as well.

Granted this did change a week after when reality starts to hit. Russ’ mom had a very mild stroke, but is recovering fantastically well. There was a day there were we thought she was going to lose it, but she bounced back and will probably be going home tomorrow. Yeah!!

In the meantime we’ve had Syd (Russ’ African Grey Parrot that lives with his mom) over our place. Think of a gifted 5 year old and you will understand this parrot. She has about 150 word vocabulary and is always asking for things. She will most likely head back to Russ’ mom’s place when she heads home.

So don’t anyone fret, I’m still doing fine and learning that vacations only last a short time, after that reality always comes back. Just enjoy them when you have them and remember, you always have more coming to you!

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