Paris – Day 10

Today was another fairly relaxing day.

We woke up late and decided to just take it easy for the day. We headed down to a tourist booking site and signed ourselves up for a tour of Champagne France tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it as it will be the first time on our trip that we will be chaufeured around in a guided tour.

We then headed for something to eat and stumbled on a little restaurant we always walked past. The food wasn’t too bad, but the people next to us seemed to have their noses in the air. Now they weren’t Parisian, but American. No offence to some of my American friends, but they were just typical Americans. They complained about the service, they complained about the heat, they complained they had to go shopping. I was about to tell them to just go home them, but I was kind and concerite like a good Canadian boy 🙂

We then proceeded to head over to another cementery in the city close to the Moulin Rougue – Montmartre Cementery. Now this cementery isn’t as grande as the Pere-Lachaise, but still as impressive. They had wild cats running around the place and it lended itself to the creepy cementery feel.

After a few hours there we headed home and rested for our big day in the morning. Now funny thing is that neither of us brought an alarm clock and we have to be up by 6am to meet our tour at 7:45am. This is going to be an interesting night!

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