Feeling HOT HOT HOT!

So Vancouver is having a heatwave, if you can call 30C a heatwave.

Ok I come from Toronto and when we have a heatwave there, we are looking at 36C plus. I think the reason most of us here in Vancouver feel we are we are suffering is that we are just not use to this type of heat.

Russ LOVES this heat. Me, I’m happy with 25C, but I manage. Now heatwaves here don’t usually last long and I guess this is the main reason most homes and condos just don’t have air conditioning. We just don’t need it.

All I have to say is to just enjoy it! In 6 months time we are going to be wishing for this type of weather!!!

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  1. In Iowa, we see these types of temps as, “Yeah, it’s warm, but it could be a hell of a lot worse.” And it’s that type of heat where everything seems to slow down because of the heat. People move slower, time moves slower, and the sun never seems like it’s going to go away.

    And the humidity… that’s the killer. There has been some of that here, but nothing like what I’m used to.

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