My Blog Needs a Doctor

So I had to reinstall WordPress on my blog over this past weekend. It looks like I had a nasty maleware somewhere on my blog and it was messing things up. Some of my friends said it was probably something to do with my theme and it was best to just scrap things and bring things back up again.

Granted the process wasn’t as easy as I thought and it took me a while over the weekend to get it up again. The theme I had doesn’t seem to be available anymore, at least I can’t find it anywhere, so I’m using the default WordPress Twenty Eleven theme for now while I get things working again.

I’m slowly trying to get all my plugins installed and maybe this is a good thing as I’m sure I had some plugins that weren’t being used anymore and just occupying space.

So if you see something odd on my blog, let me know and be patient with me as I get things back up and running.

I Might Be Off Line

I might be off line in the next little while.

My upgrade to WordPress 2.7 didn’t go as planned and even though I used Fantastico to upgrade to 2.7, I haven’t noticed a difference in the overall look of my dashboard, as others have reported. I even had Tris come over and try to help me upload to 2.7 manually but we encountered that one of my WP-Admin files won’t let me write over it and I don’t have permission.

I have asked my host to rest my files and it might be sometime before I get things up and running again.

Hope you bare with me through this, and I’m looking forward to playing with WP2.7 moving forward!

UPDATE: It looks like my server provider was able to fix the files and I’m up and running without being down! Thanks BlueFur!

Theme Update

This past weekend I was looking at updating my blog with a different theme. Of the many WordPress Themes that are out there I have been using the Freshy theme that was created by  I noticed the other day that they had updated the look and feel of the theme and called it Freshy 2.  I’m currently using this theme and I find it much more refreshing, what do you think?

I’m also going through some issues with my blog I’m not sure what happened, but right now I am not able to upload any of my Flickr photos yet alone any of my image files I have directly saved on WordPress.  The crew over at Bluefur is trying to help me find out what is going on. Also my dashboard seems to be acting up as well.

So please bare with me as I try to figure out what is up with the stablility of the blog in the coming days.

Self Hosting Now

Please bare with me as my blog is going through some changes at the moment.

I’ve just started to self host and I somehow managed to upload all my postings twice. I’m trying to figure out a single way of deleting them all and doing it all over again.

It will probably take me a few days to get things organized and I hope to be able to have a better running site shortly!

Crazy Work Week

Being in the Newswire business, every quarter we encounter a very busy time here. This is usually due to companies who are issuing earning releases or, as in our case in Vancouver, mining companies issuing drill result releases. Being the nice guy that I am, I usually stay and help our editorial team proof read these releases and make sure I’m here to answer questions that they might have.

This week has been one very long week for me.

Yesterday was one of those days where I had planned to attend Vancouver’s WordPress Camp, but due to the work load in our office I stayed behind and worked. Of course the day was also complicated with Junior being ill at 5am that morning, getting a call from work at 7am, and listening to a webcast at 8am for a client. I’m just glad I was able to at least watch the live streaming of the event and it made me feel like I was almost there.

Today I was looking forward to attending IABC BC’s Spring Fling event, but since I’m pretty much exhausted and since I wasn’t registered I decided not to attend. I do plan on attending their next event on Social Media on Tuesday May 13th at the Yaletown Pub.

I’m just looking forward to the weekend where I can have some well deserved R&R.