Las Vegas – Video Edition

So I’ve been playing with video lately and what perfect subject to video than our past Las Vegas trip.

These videos were taken with Russ’ new Lumix Digital Camera.  There was no editing and you will notice one of the videos is on a 90 degree angle. I haven’t figured out yet how to rotate this, but hopefully I will soon.

Be warned the video below will take sometime to load, but it was from the Fremont Street Experience.

Going to Vegas!

For the longest time I never had any interest of heading to Las Vegas.  The main reason is that I’m not a gambler.  The most money I spend at a casino is $20 and it usually is lost within an hour.  Lately I’ve been more interested in going just for the sites and sounds of the city more than the gambling.

I was going to head down during Blog World Expo in 2 weeks and I was on the verge of booking everything, but alas Russ had his vacation time mixed up and he actually has the week after off.  Alas I won’t be attending any of Blog World Expo this year and I won’t be hanging out with some good pals from Vancouver who are heading down during that time.

Since I’m planning on heading down the week after BWE, I’m also missing BarCamp in Vancouver.

I’m kinda torn.  Should I stay for BarCamp and then head to Vegas the next day, or go to Vegas for the weekend and miss BarCamp.  I also don’t want to take more days off work then I need to as I’m planning a bigger trip in January.

To all my friends that will be attending BWE and BarCamp, have a great time! I know I will be checking in your blogs to see what is going on!


Ok I’m now booked and will be staying at Treasure Island and looks like a few good shows are happening at the resort itself!  I’m so excited now!!! wOOt!!!